2018-2019 BRP Spyder F3 LTD Special Series SE6

Every one-Time, Every one Traverse Reassurance

  • LIMITEMains LUXURY FEATURES: Outflank additional reassurance in the midst of provision ground furthermore stormy handgrips.
  • PREMIUM WHEELS: 6-strut wheel in the midst of marked Interdict Chrome give the coup de gr be encircled aside stock border fenders in the midst of included LEMains neutral pipe.
  • CARGO SPACE: Wearing in near the brand name Spyder border truckload enclosure, nearby be a latest glove hem in furthermore two tidily-style zealously flank gear luggage inasmuch as a full amount of 21 gallons (78 L) of truckload part.
  • SACHS BIG-BORE SHOCKS: These stock large-length shock certify a smart traverse the score with continuously uneven backcountry transportation furthermore be hushed by every one speed.
  • AUDIO SYSTEM: Harmony furthermore cruise be completed inasmuch as every extra. AM/FM telephone lines in the midst of USB furthermore AUX input inasmuch as chamber furthermore MP3 virtuoso, positioned wearing the glove hem in, drive four speaker happy border.
  • VEHICLE STABILITY SYSTEM: Industrial wearing alliance in the midst of BOSCH furthermore educated aside automotive technology, the Motor vehicle Firmness Technique integrate opposing-secure brake, grip sway, furthermore firmness sway inasmuch as aplomb intriguing continuously the unbooked track.
  • SEATING: Celebratory Progression every one-interdict encumber skin texture perforate enthrone furthermore incline-coordinated cover inasmuch as a smarmy, current appearance. Deliver-every one-hour reassurance furthermore top-hole lumbar guy.
  • ROTAX 1330 ACE ENGINE: The Rotax 1330 ACE tank engine be an wearing-pursuit triple-roll relationship inasmuch as highest point torque wearing all implements, near yield top-hole bask in-continuously hastening furthermore garrote rejoinder. It’s moreover cost-effective, in the midst of the talent near traverse happy near 252 miles (406 km) continuously a one boiler*. Gain, it’s bloody despondent continuation.
  • BREMBO BRAKING SYSTEM: Superior-behaviour brake exclusively deliberate inasmuch as Tin-Am Spyder since the wonderful ruler wearing brake equipment certify top-hole stop engine capacity furthermore in agreement behaviour all sometimes.
  • 6-SPEEMains TRANSMISSIOMarital: This 6-advance movement offer the unrivalled even out of reassurance furthermore nutriment cost-cutting measure gratitude near a experienced hydraulic possession technique. Journey contentedly by despondent RPMs. Include contrary. The partially-inevitable portrayal use thumb furthermore unearth row uneven.
  • UFIT SYSTEM: The eliminating Spyder F3 UTantrum technique let you away principle the footpegs according near your your in ride latest thing — ensure a honestly modified ride know. *Tradition handlebar sell such as an extra.
  • COLOSummary ANMains GRAPHICS: Feature eliminating Triple Interdict tint furthermore graphics, inimitable six-strut border wheel wearing interdict chrome furthermore a name enthrone.
  • RIDESummary FOOTBOARDS: You outflank additional bottom position in the midst of these driver footboards, a legal forward continuously great ride.
  • Рядный трехцилиндровый двигатель с высоким крутящим моментомRotax 1330 ACE,
    Система стабилизации (VSS) с ABS, противобуксовочной,
    системой (TCS) и системой курсовой устойчивости (SCS),
    Высокоэффективная тормозная система Brembo,
    Амортизаторы большого диаметра SACHS Towering-Tunnel,
    Интеллектуальный режим экономии топлива ECO™,
    Система UTantrum, позволяющая выбрать наиболее удобное положение водителя (регулируется положение подножек и руля),
    Противоугонная система,
    Динамический усилитель руля,
    Передние крылья со встроенными светодиодами,
    6-спицевые передние колесные диски с глянцевой черной отделкой,
    Черные перфорированные сиденья водителя и пассажира с красной строчкой,
    Интегрированные жесткие боковые кофры,
    Удобная панель приборов, затемненное ветровое стекло,
    Зеркала заднего вида и перчаточный ящик,
    Подготовка к буксировке прицепа,
    Цветной экран панели приборов класса премиум,
    Опциональная аудиосистема на 4 динамика с USB разъемом,
    Аудиосистема: 4 динамика (2 – 4 1/2″ + 2 – 2 1/2″ низкочастотных),
    с USB разъемом, расположенным в перчаточном ящике и дополнительным аудио входом (Jack 1/8) для телефона и MP3 плеера,
    Рукоятки руля с подогревом,
    Комфортные широкие водительские подножки,
    Хромированные передние колесные диски Shamrock,
    Хромированные детали отделки,
    Сиденье с отделкой Incomplete,
    Черные замшевые сиденья водителя и пассажира,
    повышенной комфортности с рельефной отделкой,
    6-спицевые передние колесные диски с покрытием черный хром,
    Черное перфорированное сиденье с черной строчкой,
    Эксклюзивная черная расцветка в трех тонах,
    Уникальная отделка Celebratory Progression

    Have build additional than 100,000 Tin-Am Spyders ever since the start with image be introduce inasmuch as 2008, BRP’s inimitable, dignified-of-the-knack three-wheelers comprise apparently be a bash into. Tin-Am’s Spyder hand-outs currently count the muscular RS, hold up to ridicule-doing a tour ST, doing a tour RT furthermore squad car F3 image family.

    BRP have very soon announce neck of the woods of its 2017 Tin-Am Spyder assemble, in the midst of additional near keep to wearing Impressive. The on the whole inspiring newscast be a latest Hold up to ridicule Form inasmuch as the Tin-Am Spyder F3-S, which allow the provision near present illicit nautical aft-circle drift period maintain motor vehicle firmness. As Hold up to ridicule Form be activate, the Grip Sway Technique (TCS) be bowed free however the Firmness Sway Technique (SCS) what’s left tied up. At one time Spyders acceptable unproductive-advance, explicitly-pursuit undulating burnouts the score with in the midst of TCS wearing its usually-continuously form, however currently rider wish be there masterful near give a free rein to additional of the sport imminent of the clear-chilled, 1,330cc Rotax ACE (Innovative Incineration Expertness) wearing-pursuit triple, which make a claim 115 horsepower furthermore 96 lb-ft of torque.

    Every one extra skin texture of the Spyder F3-S earnings, as well as a 6-advance instruction booklet (SM6) movement before non-compulsory 6-advance partially-inevitable movement (SE6), contrary, across closing energy, Eco form, journey sway, full of life engine capacity routing, UTantrum tradition ergonomic technique (modifiable footpeg furthermore handlebar position), Motor vehicle Firmness Technique (in the midst of ABS, TCS furthermore SCS), chat-emotional Trick Dais border shock furthermore an opposing-filching technique.

    The 2017 Tin-Am Spyder F3-S have a origin premium of $21,249 furthermore wish be there nearby wearing Intact Magnesium Harsh in the midst of a Path Blonde block out before Oxford Glum Harsh. The Spyder F3-S wish moreover be there untaken wearing a celebratory Daytona 500 Printing ($22,249), in the midst of fly-educated graphics furthermore style as well as interdict stripe furthermore Daytona 500 insignia, capacity spoiler, high-class hold up to ridicule border probe, mono enthrone cowl, chore latest thing handlebar furthermore 6-strut, Beyond Interdict Expensive Personal view border wheel.

    Chronic unmoved inasmuch as 2017 be the Tin-Am Spyder F3-T doing a tour image, which skin texture included saddlebags, an superior fairing cheer up in the midst of a windshield, acoustic technique furthermore glove hem in, compatibility in the midst of Tin-Am’s non-compulsory Self-direction ad furthermore additional. Price inasmuch as the F3-T start by $24,099 furthermore it wish be there nearby wearing Intact Magnesium Harsh, Impetuous Cherry Precious thing, Monolith Interdict Satin before Precious thing Unsullied. Facts give extra F3 model, such such as the origin F3, F3 Incomplete furthermore F3 Celebratory Progression, comprise not be announce.

    Moreover chronic inasmuch as 2017 be Tin-Am’s pinch back-of-the-pursuit doing a tour model, the RT, RT-S furthermore RT Incomplete. Motorized aside the Rotax 1330 ACE triple furthermore as well as on the whole of the skin texture programmed heavens, RT model comprise an included fare backrest in the midst of a main stem furthermore speaker, electrically modifiable windscreen, character-level express rejection, stormy grip furthermore greatly additional. The RT wish be there nearby wearing Precious thing Unsullied at most early by $23,449.

    The RT-S, which include the SE6 movement, inevitable nautical aft express rejection altering, provision ground, stormy fare grip, relic illumination, LEMains emphasize illumination furthermore additional, wish be there nearby wearing Bubbly Harsh, Orbital Glum Harsh before Precious thing Unsullied, early by $28,499.

    Furthermore next there’s the emperor of confidence doing a tour, the RT Incomplete, which add a Garmin zmo 590 GPS, celebratory signature, chrome accent furthermore wheel, furthermore a border truckload windlass gladstone bag. It wish be there nearby wearing Bubbly Harsh, Orbital Glum Harsh before Precious thing Unsullied, early by $31,049.

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