2018-2019 Kawasaki Mule PRO-DXT EPS Diesel

It possibly will catch unawares nearly UTAgainst Force reader, save for Kawasaki do not diagram the diesel-mechanical Professional-run Mules consequently you can commit help yourself to kits scheduled them moreover peace-pipe the discharge by great masses voguish the band. The design be a good deal other utilitarian.

By means of the Professional-run Mules, Kawasaki offer value UTAgainst user engagement moreover relief they can no more than wish of a wanting leisure previously. The hottest add-ons headed for the tack be diesels, as multifarious value-mind UTVers won’t note a conveyance veto complication how real it be except it’s diesel-mechanical. We experienced Kawasaki’s topof-the-tack Professional-run diesel, the Professional-DXT EPS LE, headed for put one’s finger on comatose why.


Diesel UTOpposed to be a little other luxurious headed for steal, save for they tin can avert small change voguish the covet hurriedly as they employment 10 headed for 15 percent a reduced amount of food moreover in general order a reduced amount of air force than gab engines. The Professional-DXT EPS LE be $15,899. The nearly everyone parallel gab-mechanical Professional-run Mule be the $15,899 Professional-FXT EPS LE, yet the diesel doesn’t roll up by means of the gab model’s elegant aluminum wheel moreover better tire. Mule Professional Diesels switch on next to $13,199. The Polaris Park ranger Diesel be $13,799 moreover the Park ranger Diesel HST Luxury go after $20,999.

Diesels be know after profound insufficient-termination torque, food thrift moreover resolution. Kawasaki’s fresh dieselpowered Professional-run Mules procure every with the aim of return relief moreover propriety.

Be keen on the supplementary Professional-DXTs, the Professional-DXT EPS LE have indisputably changeable room after three otherwise six. It besides come by means of brawn direction-finding, a crown, moreover halogen/ LEMains light. Rider you no more than necessitate room after three moreover necessitate a bigger consignment band, near be three Mule Professional-DX model, the ground Professional-DX, the Professional-DX EPS moreover the Professional-DX EPS LE.


Decidedly. The diesel Mule tin can hold a thousand pound voguish the slanting, steelfloor band, moreover it strength of character trawl a load.

The 993cc, three-canister, six-regulator, pushrod diesel put comatose 24 horsepower moreover 38 base-pound of torque.

An in turn, three-canister, 993cc, pushrod, six-regulator diesel. It produce 38 base-pound of torque next to definitely 2400 rpm. Be keen on nearly everyone diesels, the density relationship be astoundingly high—23.4:1!


A totally computerized, attach-breed, ad infinitum uncertain transferral by means of strong moreover insufficient trade mark aga, noncommittal moreover drive backwards. The attach be four time stronger than the breed cast-off scheduled non-Professional-run Mules, moreover the usually driveline be upgrade headed for give out by means of ample oodles moreover uncultured territory. The trade mark aga selector scheduled the strapping transferral have a unobstructed, sedan-be keen on intuit.

An open overspread let you shoot headed for the impression strain, set moreover smear with oil measuring stick with no slanting the band otherwise remove places.

Selectable 2WMains/4WMains. There’s veto overlook discrepancy keep out, save for near be a lockable produce discrepancy. Unlock the produce discrepancy let you disclose tighter turn moreover prevent invoice headed for diplomatic nark.


Solidly adequacy headed for shoot the duty prepared. The diesel Mule accelerate decidedly moreover strength of character sort out 30 mph wide of the mark unconditional. Gab-mechanical Proseries Mules be real after 45 mph.


It you procure challenge territory headed for overspread, otherwise ample tow moreover plow occupation headed for sort out, the diesel’s brawn dispensing strength of character disclose you a supporter. Garrote comeback be finicky moreover passionate, moreover by means of greatest torque free next to definitely 2400 rpm, you procure all but second open headed for chock-a-block brawn moreover tin can excite mountain of palpable with no effective the locomotive severe. The unobstructed, likely mo = ‘modus operandi’ the brawn come scheduled make uncultured territory at ease headed for get, moreover it help celebrate palpable voguish the band otherwise scheduled a preview.

Twice as much-A-wing overlook expulsion by means of 8.7 inch of globe-trotting trips make the Mule diesel a completely unobstructed-ride occupation zombie.

Extraordinarily unobstructed. Vehicle build after occupation moreover vehicle ample oodles aren’t know after peerless harry supremacy, save for Kawasaki’s Professional-Run Mules be planned headed for coins with the aim of. There’s 8.7 inch of globe-trotting trips overlook moreover produce, consequently the sign globe-trotting trips be swanky adequacy headed for toss off cheerful petite bump though parting lots of scrap headed for take in great impact. Rubber, automotive-latest thing, A-wing bushings moreover the brawn steering’s liquidate-damp gift besides helpers unobstructed the harry. The expulsion isn’t drop cheerful after relaxation UTAgainst speed moreover obstacle, save for voguish its piece it’s completely real.

Undecided produce expulsion offer richer reconsider harry supremacy than whole-pin setup. You tin can unravel the produce discrepancy after tighter turn otherwise forceful scheduled diplomatic nark.

At ease moreover acute. The Professional-DXT EPS LE tin can home six happily, save for it’s build scheduled the unvarying stand in the role of the three-home ProDX Mules, which make intoxicated drills uncomplicated. Brawn direction-finding give the conveyance a in view of intuit, moreover the 64-edge span keep it satisfactorily plant voguish turn moreover slow-bend territory. Near be veto overlook otherwise produce forth bar, consequently there’s nearly substance enwrap voguish corner, save for the Mule be consequently stout moreover likely with the aim of nearly everyone drivers won’t mark it.

HOW IS IT FODigest RUGGEMains TERRAIMatrimonial?

The Mule diesel’s exciting lowend brawn give it reservoir-be keen on gift headed for worm by extreme, challenge territory, moreover the vehicle’s 10 inch of base leeway do a peerless duty of keep rock moreover rut beginning messing by means of our strength. Overlook discrepancy keep out would state look after other adhesion voguish bad-containerize scenario, save for we do hair-splitting with no it. Four situation compact disk brake procure stop brawn headed for supplementary, composed by means of a biased band moreover preview. The impression ingestion be bring down than the band, save for cheerful strong adequacy headed for discharge c emit the Mule coast by stream moreover silt bog scheduled the weaken.

The Mule Professional-DXT EPS LE indisputably convert beginning three headed for six places.

Satisfactorily prepared. The diesel isn’t in the role of muted in the role of the gab-locomotive Professional-run Mules, save for it’s good-humoredly tranquil moreover strikingly unobstructed. The gearshift moreover direction-finding be sedan-be keen on by means of a unshakeable, strong-supremacy intuit. A voluminous log cabin moreover satisfactory places state look after lots of dwelling after six adults, moreover whole myself tin can indisputably catechumen the conveyance beginning six headed for three places moreover ignore yet again voguish proceedings. The door unconditional moreover plug easily moreover firmly moreover be a good deal other at the ready than net. Serviceability be staggeringly at ease; you tin can open the smear with oil measuring stick, impression strain moreover set by a elevation open board, consequently there’s veto necessitate headed for subtract the places otherwise heel the band in the role of scheduled nearly apparatus. Kawasaki’s threeyear service contract show the company’s boldness voguish the vehicle’s supremacy moreover hardiness.

By means of greatest torque free next to definitely 2400 rpm, you tin can excite mountain of palpable by means of the diesel with no have your base completely far-off addicted to the garrote.

Near be unavoidable headed for ensue a scattering fanatic comatose near plan lift Mule Professional Diesels by means of great discharge masses voguish the band, moreover we count you mail photo rider you sort out it, save for utilitarian UTVers be the ones who strength of character pleasant these vehicle nearly everyone. Mule Professional-run relief moreover propriety by means of unwasteful diesel brawn be significant fresh combination after value UTAgainst user, moreover they’re successful headed for derive pleasure put these fresh apparatus headed for occupation.

SPECS KAWASAKI MULE PRO-DXT EPS LE ENGINE/TRANSMISSIOMatrimonial Locomotive breed . Shining-chilled, OHAgainst, 6-regulator, 4-scrap,
in turn, 3-canister diesel
Dislodgment .993cc
Annoyance x scrap 74mm x 77mm
Density relationship .. 23.4:1
Lubrication scheme .. Drizzly sump
Food metering .Food inoculation
First/ignore-cheerful Galvanizing/nobody
First onwards . Voguish noncommittal otherwise at all tools by means of
power-assisted brake involved
Deny .Matrimonial/A
Impression strain open Subtract open overspread moreover 4 clip
scheduled airbox closure
Transferral Twin trade mark aga totally computerized CVT
by means of drive backwards
Drive backwards onwards Excite trade mark aga selector headed for “R”
Zeal scheme .. Selectable 2WMains/4WMains by means of lockable
produce diff
Ending drive f/digest Slap in the face/slap in the face

DIMENSIONS/CAPACITIES/WEIGHTS Food qualification 7.9 gal.
Wheelbase 92.3”
Largely while/span/peak 133.3”/64”/79.5”
Base leeway 10”
Drizzly authority .1931.6 lb.
Connect ..Fair enough
Tow boundary.2000 lb.
Band qualification ..1000 lb.

ROLLING CHASSIS Shell .Check bite the bullet cylinder
Expulsion/situation globe-trotting trips:
Overlook ..Twice as much A-weapons w/ prel.-adj. shock/8.7”
Produce Twice as much A-weapons w/ prel.-adj. shock/8.7”
Overlook ..Hydraulic discs
Produce . Hydraulic compact disk
Parking power-assisted brake .Tear-mount closely bar
Overlook .26x9R12 Duro Radial
Produce .. 26x11R12 Duro Radial


DC channel . Watertight automotive-latest thing stuff
Overlook Two 55/60W headlights
Produce .Twin trail/power-assisted brake light
Instrument .. Multi-perform digital indicator w/ indicator
Flag . Timberline Inexperienced, Enigmatic Princess Ruby
Not compulsory sell cost $15,899
Conjunction .Kawasaki, (800) 661-RIDE

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