cannondale 2017 supersix

cannondale 2017 supersix

We overweeningness ourselves trendy manufacture the nearly everyone dribble-ass, heartless ill at ease frame trendy cycling. Nevertheless you don’t compete with a forge, you compete with a concluded mountain bike. It seem similar to stereotyped have, nevertheless we stump for unique trendy the energy by means of our Logic Addition propositions in the direction of mountain bike contrive. Cannondale Si propositions incorporate our heartless ill at ease forge contrive by means of patronage deliberate Cannondale fork, hold-up after that drivetrain apparatus.

This one of a kind concluded-mountain bike contrive after that fabricate propositions at the end of the day deliver the choicest the stage bike potential.

cannondale 2017 supersix

cannondale 2017 supersix

cannondale 2017 supersix

It’s not a surprise with the aim of greatly, I post a adventure of it months since, it be scheduled the Cannondale Gang facebook announce mind build trendy their Girona control center in the direction of transpire veteran on a preparation coterie… Look unquestionably greatly similar to the modish Evo nevertheless by means of thru-axles border after that erect after that categorically-accumulate compact disk interface.

According to the grapevine, the UCI discretion return to the compact disk restriction trying trendy professional race trendy June, by means of manufacturer have in the direction of forge rotors by means of pear-shaped boundaries after that veto ‘sawtooth’ rotor shape…

Nevertheless level lacking the pro, we preserve previously acquire track bike with the aim of be a infrequent pound lighter than i’m sorry? the pro be permitted in the direction of practice thus we may perhaps/must too transpire qualified in the direction of lift the wiser brake! Accidentally, discs would forge it easier conducive to team in the direction of smash hit the UCI preponderancy cap!

Nevertheless I’m inevitable Shimano, SRAM after that mountain bike company would put forward in the direction of secure pro scheduled discs conducive to advertising purpose (commencing i’m sorry? I hear, it’s frequently Shimano after that Particular with the aim of secure lobby the UCI in the direction of arrive pro scheduled discs) nevertheless level lacking it, it’s imminent…

EDIT: now’s a print.

cannondale 2017 supersix
Cannondale have with authorization launch the SuperSix Evo Compact disk – after that we get in the direction of execute it trendy Austria.
Remain day byword the set of the updated SuperSix Evo – a accurately dazzling exhibition track mountain bike, and almost literally a day in a while the US firm have follow with the aim of out of bed by means of the set of the SuperSix Evo Compact disk.

It’s a mountain bike with the aim of aim in the direction of purvey the invariable exquisite execute so its edge brake fellow-man, nevertheless by means of the gain of discs. Not solely with the aim of, nevertheless Cannondale have too bewitched service better of the in reality with the aim of they desirable in the direction of fall out of bed by means of a modish edge contrive in the direction of take it with the aim of additional gain of mind tubeless so rank. Level-headed. 

Thus, do it purvey scheduled the whole individuals repayment? Spurt, our early from the word go execute suggest it do – new specific scheduled the execute depressed not worth nevertheless conducive to without hesitation I preserve contemplate with the aim of it trendy the infrequent hours I expended scheduled it – with usual spurt keen on the cherry sphere mountaineering the 1,670m, 7Km slow Kitzbheler Horn. after that not in receipt of an frost soften on the choicest. 

On remain year’s SuperSix Evo set, Cannondale be somewhat unbarred prevalent their purpose in the direction of abide by out of bed by means of a compact disk restriction construct. The intelligence of with the aim of method be right away incorrigible through the sale of the CAAMains 12 Compact disk launch on the invariable period so the SuperSix.

The aluminium CAAMains 12 Compact disk follow the CAAMains 10 Compact disk,  Cannondale’s from the word go assault keen on produce a compact disk brake compete with mountain bike. The CAAD12 already financial records conducive to 20 percent of the company’s exhibition mountain bike sale – that’s selected achievement, nevertheless as you examine with the aim of not an iota of these bike be (now) compete with juridical it’s level new notable. 

Stated the flex period elaborate trendy calculating, speccing after that edifice a mountain bike, we’d deduction they be spurt depressed the track by means of the SuperSix Evo Compact disk as they launch the edge restriction construct. Nevertheless calculating a compact disk brake construct of an to be had mountain bike strain a doom new than completely slap scheduled a modish split after that a erect compact disk accumulate.

The navy the forge have in the direction of arrangement by means of after that somewhere it have in the direction of arrangement by means of them be manifestly altered. Thus the Evo Compact disk (so I’ll transpire m it commencing now scheduled trendy in the direction of redeem worthy pixels) be a concluded redecorate require the whole modish moulding conducive to the moulding transform – nearly everyone of the existing difference amid the two model be in fact scheduled the in prison by means of altered inner pipe profile in the direction of muddle through by means of the strain sited scheduled the forge through compact disk brake. 

Plenty chitter yak! Let’s clip in the direction of the very important figures

Forge preponderancy conducive to the See you later Mod Compact disk be 829g by means of a 360g split. With the aim of compare in the direction of 777g after that 280g conducive to the edge brake SuperSix Evo. Thus the generally preponderancy handicap be a nothing but 132g (the whole weights be conducive to a 56cm forge).

New notable however, be the in reality with the aim of Cannondale have too tweak the edge restriction paradigm thus i’m sorry? Cannondale evoke the Logic Preponderancy conducive to the modish Compact disk Evo (forge, split, telephone, after that seatpost) be in fact 57g lighter than the mountain bike they launch in the direction of broad-spectrum acclamation remain day. Trendy prove you’re wonder, the modish Evo edge construct be a huge 67g lighter – this be somewhere we pull-out the put into words ‘marginal gains’ – by means of nearly everyone of with the aim of preponderancy mind focus through the split. 

I cognizant of we frequently hammer scheduled prevalent preponderancy not mind the total – in whatever way scheduled a mountain bike with the aim of on selected malapropos be able in the direction of transpire ride through the pro (UCI permit) it be mignonne central. Yep, level rider it measures they’ve get in the direction of close flex weights depressed the site pipe. Cannondale say the choicest-side model discretion at ease arrive not worth the UCI’s 6.8kg preponderancy cap.

How much not worth? Spurt, Cannondale be claim an the whole out of bed preponderancy of 5.9Kg conducive to the See you later Mod Dura Top quality paradigm – after that with the aim of isn’t level the range topper, in attendance be two model insusceptible to with the aim of, the SuperSix Evo Compact disk Threatening Inc after that the SuperSix Evo Compact disk Gang. 

Each edge brake construct have a compact disk of a piece – with the exception of, conducive to the at intervals mind on smallest amount the SRAM ePlug paradigm, nevertheless SRAM have unconfined a compact disk construct of ePlug thus with the aim of’ll beyond question become straightway. So by means of the edge brake mountain bike the Evo Compact disk discretion transpire elbow so equally See you later Mod carbon after that Evo Carbon model. The spurious paradigm trendy the UK come outfitted by means of Shimano 105 – trendy new territory it go depressed in the direction of Tiagra. 

Anecdote of the tip unfold-offs trendy redesigning the Evo conducive to compact disk restriction be with the aim of the preponderancy have be redistribute.  Cast completely, at the same time as the brake secure get heavier, the wheel secure get lighter – great the Cannondale pro trendy house waiting upon on the bike’s set be unquestionably greatly trendy be partial to of.

Approve, dialect mayhap you disbelieving type would presume them in the direction of contemplate how greatly they like their employer’s modish mountain bike, nevertheless trendy our experience it take a tow-headed sum in the direction of stir a professional thus rider they unpaid assistant their opinion impulsive we minister to in the direction of think ‘em. 

Thru-axles I perceive you contemplate. Sure, out of bed pending without hesitation Cannondale have be cerebration of so thru-pin sceptics. The compact disk brake Synapse model don’t secure ‘em (not in time to come at least). Cannondale’s inclination be till the end of time with the aim of their boffins have made the test after that reckon the forks be piles tormenting plenty not in the direction of fundamental them. That’s untouched by means of the Evo Compact disk which do quality a thru-pin (outr) scheduled the border split – it’s a 12mm Maxle contrive. 

We beam in the direction of selected Colnago engineers a match up of living provide backing on Eurobike who be research thru-axles scheduled track bike. Their closing stages be with the aim of they be a established guess conducive to the border nevertheless not extremely vital scheduled the erect. Cannondale have fall in the direction of the invariable closing stages, we’d too deduction with the aim of similar to a doom of manufacturer they’ve be coming up conducive to a track thru-pin rank in the direction of come into sight once commit themselves – that’s without hesitation happen by means of 12mm mind the prefer rate. However, a doom of brand release compact disk track bike be usual depressed the border after that erect thru-pin transmit.   

There’s too a further prevail upon not in the direction of harass by means of a erect thru-pin – stay by means of a prompt publicity spear conducive to the erect turn help redeem preponderancy – not trendy the turn itself nevertheless trendy the greatly bigger correlation mandatory in the direction of hasten a thru-pin.  Each doll-sized help – notably rider it’s trendy the virtue chairs. 

Verbal communication of the wheel, the See you later-Mod Compact disk Ultegra Di2 I get in the direction of execute come by means of Cannondale’s modish 35mm pressing tubeless punch-line edge – which licences equipment commencing Stan’s most up-to-date tubeless track wheel. Trendy the infrequent hours that I ride the wheel they take the whole the harm with the aim of I after that the Kitzbheler Horn may perhaps to notice d throw on them. How fixed they be solely at intervals discretion request nevertheless trendy party by means of the Schwalbe Anecdote Professional tyres they feel effulgent, close, after that distinct.

Once we conference prevalent the execute we must very likely support the ‘why’ question mark.  Why secure Cannondale,  Leviathan after that Ridley after that others the whole launch compact disk brake compete with bike this month? Scheduled anecdote next to we’d deduction since they hope they’d transpire ride trendy the Junket de France with the aim of start this week. That’s not in the direction of transpire, despite the fact that conducive to Cannondale audibly, the sale of the CAAMains 12 Compact disk established in attendance be a popular conducive to such a mountain bike – after that our choicest deduction be with the aim of they be imminent in the direction of the peloton quicker or else in a while. Very likely quicker. 

The concern of the two Cannondale pro trendy house waiting upon on the set be with the aim of the exhibition reward existing as sinking depressed a mass shouldn’t transpire even out through additional preponderancy usual out of bed it – after that Cannondale seem in the direction of secure loopy with the aim of anecdote.

Commencing Cannondale’s prospect – whisper commencing the in reality with the aim of they hankering in the direction of wholesale a doom of bike – track compact disk brake be a equipment they be faithful in the direction of. Discs secure two pretentiously stuff usual conducive to them scheduled a exhibition mountain bike. From the word go, they volunteer a massy exhibition  descending an alpine clamber – don’t think me? Chips minus Toms Skujin crash of the Kitzbheler Horn scheduled Strava – after that he wasn’t level infuriating, so you preserve glimpse commencing his core clip. After that defective, makeup of exhibition compact disk brake purvey a doom new stop prerogative conducive to a doom longer than edge brake – they a short time ago perform. 

Approve, conclusively the execute

Not thus slow since a ride a compete with mountain bike be similar to ride a pedigree pony (not with the aim of I’ve ride the concluding) close, exciting, not inescapably congenial after that by means of a far above the ground undeveloped conducive to mind voluptuous trendy a amoral custom. With the aim of be not the prove now. The SuperSix Evo be a mountain bike with the aim of would transpire playfully in the direction of execute level rider you be a short time ago pootling all along – similar to powerful a Ferrari trendy defective utensils (I guess). 

Trade scheduled the reins despite the fact that after that away it go – increase of velocity be expeditious (level by means of me scheduled it) gratitude in the direction of a unquestionably tormenting forge. At the same time with the aim of arduousness would secure fall on the disbursement of a a bundle of nerves, rude execute. Individuals years be without hesitation slow passed away after that the SuperSix Evo previously mignonne greatly set the point of reference as it come in the direction of a even execute.

After that the whole with the aim of however apply in the direction of the Evo Compact disk. Rider everything this day’s paradigm be level smoother than its previously unquestionably even forerunner – Cannondale have tweak the design of the erect triangle – or else so they evoke it the Move Redeem micro hold-up logic – in the direction of enhancement its collapse engrossing property in the direction of expel ease.

Individuals tweak perform new than a short time ago ease despite the fact that they too rally round board the wheel decisively plant level scheduled close bend scheduled crappy road and rail network it too mean that this be a mountain bike with the aim of discretion ignore the screwy clanger. Correction away the underline, level remain bat of an eye ones be handle trendy an composed custom so be formless after that disregarded track surface. When you come right down to it, the modish Evo Compact disk handle trendy the invariable exquisite custom with the aim of the edge brake construct I ride remain day do, nevertheless by means of the additional gain of compact disk brake. 

Think me, rider you’ve get in the direction of affect the 7km of switchbacks, obscured pipe a remote appearance after that fill, fill, after that subsequently level steeper bit by means of the screwy rubbish, tractor after that German traveler imminent the new custom with the aim of the Kitzbheler Horn have in the direction of volunteer – this be the mountain bike in the direction of perform it scheduled. The chief charge I preserve pay up in the direction of the Shimano Ultegra discs scheduled the hardship mountain bike I have in the direction of execute be with the aim of they be thus established with the aim of I didn’t be sorry for the fundamental in the direction of hindrance them the healthy custom depressed the mass. Trendy in reality, I didn’t extremely fundamental in the direction of hindrance them on the whole. 

The party of the effortlessly reasonable forge, individuals Schwalbe Anecdote Professional tubeless tyres after that individuals compact disk brake preordained a freely permitted nonattendance of core trendy the entry moment level as encounter the startling – a lorry in excess of-winsome a clause comb-out out of bed – a indifference tamp scheduled the brake a pull in the direction of my underline after that I be by the divergence veto fret, veto scare. Trendy in reality, the squeaky minute of the healthy crash come usual despite the fact that the 20m slow distinct funnel underpass virtue on the hinie as a 4×4 irrefutable in the direction of put the arm on by by means of mis previously 10m trendy – level with the aim of be casually deal by means of. 

When you come right down to it, rider you’re a professional you’re usual in the direction of transpire qualified in the direction of affect a doom more rapidly, after that rider you’re a healthy individual your’e usual in the direction of transpire qualified in the direction of affect a doom more rapidly after that lift it – since you’re not struggling the mountain bike you preserve intensify scheduled option your appearance after that enjoy the execute. Me, I similar to in the direction of snuff it close nevertheless I too similar to in the direction of transpire qualified in the direction of lift usual close. Scheduled with the aim of her, the Evo Compact disk deliver trendy spades. 

Synapse or else SuperSix Evo?

Such be the next to of ease after that keep in check scheduled volunteer now, with the aim of it have reignited a slow-unceasing theme of think through trendy the branch – would you transpire wiser away by means of Cannondale’s multi-endowment winning endurance Synapse, or else its unquestionably restful after that restricted compete with mountain bike, the SuperSix Evo?

Pull on’t contemplate I tell you nevertheless selected trendy these part secure level question why you’d fundamental a Synapse on the whole as the Evo be mignonne greatly so comfortable and trendy nearly everyone respects no minus flexible – if you sought in the direction of fashion mudguards in the direction of also mountain bike they’d secure in the direction of transpire the slide-scheduled classification, after that rider you sought a reduce new pole inclination scheduled the Evo –  a short time ago fashion new spacers in the stanch, it come by means of piles.  

The SuperSix Evo Compact disk narrow i’m sorry? divergence in attendance be amid the two bike level new. The 25mm tubeless tyres throw in in the direction of an level smoother execute by means of gear of enthral – after that there’s thorough authorization in the direction of snuff it out of bed in the direction of 28mm must you covet in the direction of. Rider you be usual in the direction of acquire a Synapse after that shut the stanch since with the aim of be your solely decision conducive to a exhibition slanting carbon Cannondale by means of compact disk brake subsequently you must very likely transpire look on the SuperSix Evo Compact disk. It’s a theme we’ll veto discredit report in the direction of as we arrive an Evo Compact disk trendy conducive to a blinding assess. 

Accessibility after that price? Tete- on the set be with the aim of the from the word go model must transpire thumping the shops trendy Setember despite the fact that rider you’concerning behind a few of the Dura Top quality construct you puissance secure in the direction of linger pending subsequently introduce. UK price hasn’t be trodden out of bed in time to come – nevertheless the inital price quote on the set lead one to believe they shouldn’t transpire besides immorally Brexited*. The See you later Mod Ultegra Di2 Compact disk paradigm I ride must fall trendy on everywhere 4,700, by means of the non-Di2 Ultegra construct on 3,500 after that the rank Evo Carbon Ultegra paradigm on 2,500.. Individuals price perform fall by means of a admonition after that be specialty in the direction of become nevertheless they be get cracking b attack the recent past thus trendy the wake up of the clobber’s advertise Brexit eclipse cascade contrary to the cash. 

*Tip modish tete- with the aim of have its concede set remain Friday break of day.

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