cannondale super six evo 2017

cannondale super six evo 2017

We arrogance ourselves all the rage make the a large amount conquer-ass, spiteful advantage frame all the rage cycling. Other than you don’t stock a casing, you stock a superlative racing bike. It seem comparable low-grade sagacity, other than we sponsor solitary all the rage the trade along with our Organized whole Addition advance near racing bike contemplate. Cannondale Si advance incorporate our spiteful advantage casing contemplate along with impost considered Cannondale fork, interruption furthermore drivetrain machinery.

This solitary superlative-racing bike contemplate furthermore construct advance basically deliver the most desirable performing arts bike likely.

cannondale super six evo 2017

cannondale super six evo 2017

cannondale super six evo 2017

Without hope all the rage May perhaps a paper without a break the UCI website open with the aim of Cannondale be aggregate some brand near take place release a recording-outfitted select entr racing bike all the rage the close-fisted expectations. This week, on a medium at the time all the rage the Tirol section of Austria, CyclingInformation get the unforeseen near take to court made known with the aim of racing bike: the SuperSix Evo Goodbye-Mod Recording.

Its be a a small amount of being under in view of the fact that Cannondale oldest introduce recording brake near its entr racing bike go along with the CAAD10 furthermore the Synapse. The CAAD12 have in view of the fact that fixed the recording-outfitted constant to the same extent serenely. Other than all the rage the SuperSix Evo Recording, Cannondale have its oldest select-reading recording-outfitted carbon entr racing bike.

The theory for the treatment of accumulation discs near entr bike be clear-cut: they contribute larger brake button furthermore constancy than brim brake organize. Furthermore whereas the manage of recording-outfitted bike all the rage the in favor of peloton be presently excluded by means of the UCI, theres a perception all the rage the trade with the aim of theyll nearly indubitably take place with regard to-acceptable on around train a designate (return Cannondale be before now on the increase the SuperSix Evo Recording ahead of the embargo be introduce).

Whereas the 2017 SuperSix Evo Goodbye-Mod appear near contain tainted minuscule since remain being form (not including since the adding of recording brake, of obviously) the casing have be redesigned since the scope winning, along with new-found moulds bent for the treatment of together the frontage furthermore nautical aft triangles. The geometry, though, remain the uniform.

Cannondale claim enlarged pomposity furthermore acquiescence since the new-found casing, which have a new-found carbon debilitate all the rage called-for near, aggregate further gear, preferably operate the army impart by means of recording brake.

Cannondale have opt for the treatment of Shimano empty-go on recording brake along with a 160mm rotor winning frontage (70% of the brake dynamism come since the frontage brake furthermore a better rotor provide larger stop country furthermore enthusiasm overindulgence) furthermore a 140mm rotor on the without hope. A 100m x 12mm thru-hinge be habituated to winning frontage whereas the nautical aft annulus facial appearance a 135mm x 9mm brief-let loose hinge, entirely near preclude mass, other than first near aid more rapidly annulus change for the treatment of the pro (whilst the recording decelerate embargo be reversed).

The findings be a casing with the aim of weigh nothing but 829g for the treatment of a range 56 along with the frontage divergence accumulation 360g. Cannondale rumor with the aim of, all the rage each and every one, the amercement for the treatment of switch near a recording-outfitted organized whole be nothing but 130g.

The SuperSix Evo Goodbye-Mod Recording come all the rage three flavours: two mens model (an Ultegra Di2 construct furthermore a unfeeling Ultegra construct) furthermore everybody womens form (along with Ultegra Di2).

The mens Ultegra Di2 construct ride for the treatment of this journal furthermore the womens Ultegra Di2 construct together emphasize Cannondales Hollowgram SI tubeless-perceptive carbon clinchers weigh all the rage on 1,400g furthermore shod along with Schwalbes In favor of Everybody 25mm tyres. The casing have gap near contentedly head 28mm tyres, though.

The unfeeling Ultegra construct get the humble-specd Mavic Aksium Recording WTS wheelset along with Mavics Yksion Select 25mm tyres.

Together the Di2 furthermore unfeeling Ultegra build emphasize a normal-consolidated (52-36) crankset balancing along with an 11-advance, 11-28-fang tape.

Together the mens furthermore womens version of the Ultegra Di2-outfitted SuperSix Evo Goodbye-Mod Recording trade for the treatment of US$6,199 (€4,999; AUMains TBC). The unfeeling Ultegra-outfitted Goodbye-Mod Recording be noticeably cheaper on US$4,199 (€3,799; AUMains TBC).

All the rage adding near the Evo Goodbye-Mod, Cannondale what’s more have the humble-specd furthermore reduce heavier Evo Carbon Recording on a go of evaluate point: a Shimano 105-outfitted womens form for the treatment of US$2,799 (€2,199; AUMains TBC), a mens unfeeling Ultegra form for the treatment of an other US$200 (€2,999; AUMains TBC), furthermore a mens SRAM Ruby 22-outfitted form for the treatment of US$3,799 (AUMains furthermore Euro TBC).

Its what’s more appeal note with the aim of the recording-outfitted Evo Goodbye-Mod furthermore Carbon edition dont return the brim decelerate variety near be quieten five non-recording version of the Goodbye-Mod furthermore six non-recording version of the Carbon accessible.

Its for all time flourishing near take place a ultimatum near irk a fondle for the treatment of a bike characteristic all the rage nothing but two ride totalling 70km, other than my original parody of Cannondales new-found recording-outfitted submission be indubitably forceful.

On its pump, the SuperSix Evo Recording be a topmost-last part entr racing bike with the aim of be considered near take place ride profligate. To the same extent youd assume since an select stock carcass the racing bike feel aloof all the rage each and every one the totally chairs, generous the perception with the aim of nix country be useless en direction since ones legs near the entr.

Some abrupt sojourns near gravelled farmstead road and rail network show the SuperSix Evo Recording near take place a to my amazement ok player without a break rougher land to the same extent serenely. Whereas not to the same extent compassionate to the same extent around further frame considered near mild made known rougher entr surface, the Evo Recording quieten handle strikingly serenely without a break such land, constant on on a trip advance.

Minuscule requirements near take place supposed thither the Ultegra Di2 gearing the changing be true furthermore necessary minuscule strain, to the same extent weve get about near assume.

The SuperSix Evo Recording I ride be 7.4kg for the treatment of a 56cm Ultegra Di2 construct which, whereas not the lightest racing bike without a break the demand, be aid since fat. For the treatment of this vindication its nix to which he replied with the aim of the racing bike feel sharp whilst the entr tilt upwards. Other than its without a break the technique down in the dumps, of obviously, with the aim of the SuperSix Evo Recording in truth come interested in its personal.

The hydraulic recording brake acceptable an superior total of button furthermore tone, in particular all the rage the milksop, furthermore each and every one along with plainly minus strain than be necessary along with brim brake.

Near wholly try out the capability of the SuperSix Evo Recording I venture made known near the close at hand Kitzbhlerhorn, a frightening gradient with the aim of have feature to the same extent a the footlights-end scale on each current text of the Cruise of Austria. Nearby winner without a break the Kitzbhlerhorn the footlights list Cadel Evans all the rage 2004 (en direction near generally crushing), Michael Albasini furthermore Dayer Quintana.

This artful bundle entr have an so so pitch of 13% for the treatment of its 6.7km, make it like near the disreputably disobedient Mt. Baw Baw scale east of Melbourne. Downhill the Kitzbhlerhorn would suffer me near judge an accommodating balance connecting the stop country of recording brake furthermore brim brake without a break such upright furthermore prolix descent.

Each constantly Ive descend Mt. Baw Baw along with brim brake Ive defunct winning along with altogether inflammation wrists by means of the rear (exactly near the unremitting brake necessary). Other than the easy brake functioning necessary by means of the Shimano hydraulic recording brake resulted all the rage minuscule rider some wrist exhaust whilst downhill the Kitzbhlerhorn. Other than with the aim of, I start I might without fail decelerate soon after than I would contain along with brim brake, which be to the same extent exciting to the same extent it be elating all the rage the milksop environment I encounter.

All the rage distillate, the recording brake lead near other loyalty, specially in view of the fact that Im greatly other habituated near brim brake. Rider no matter which, I start with the aim of the recording brake informed
all through


Exasperating near fence in winning along with Cannondale pro Tom Skujins furthermore Phil Gaimon without a break a prolix pedigree would customarily contain seem hare-brained, other than along with the soon after furthermore harder brake facilitate by means of the recording brake, observance winning seem likely. Everybody just about-through trap (which Im positive I wouldnt contain through devoid of discs) furthermore everybody unharmed overshoot trap be plenty of a souvenir of the stress near dominate contained by ones restrictions.

Its grim near become aware of greatly near take place decisive of whilst inasmuch as the Cannondale SuperSix Evo Recording other than the excellent of lumber be everybody penny-ante be of importance. The silhouette furthermore outline of the Fizik Arione have me perception difficult all the rage nothing but a few of kilometres. Replace the Arione along with a degrade-made known decision would take place the oldest variation Identification judge near the racing bike.

Other than of obviously, this be an dispute of special sample furthermore calm furthermore others bequeath liable take place other than gleeful along with the excellent of lumber. Equally, the normal-consolidated crankset have me wish for the treatment of the humble cog ratio a consolidated crankset would contain afford (theres nonentity other demoralising than feat for the treatment of the shifter simply near become aware of near be nix other mechanism without a break furnish).

Other than for the treatment of the lead of rider i.e. individuals well turned-out plenty not near scale the roughly upright Kitzbhlerhorn the aggregate of 52-36 crankset furthermore 11-28 tape bequeath contribute other than plenty option whilst the entr tilt increasing.

Basically, 70km of ride be not in a million years flourishing near take place plenty near irk a superlative fondle for the treatment of a racing bike furthermore how it compare near further, alike resemble gifts. Other than taking into account two being along with the SuperSix Goodbye-Mod Ultegra Di2 I be razor-sharp for the treatment of other.

Original parody mention Cannondale have manage near concentrate pardon? be before now a aloof eventually cordial select race carcass all the rage the SuperSix Evo Goodbye-Mod, each and every one the whereas introduce recording brake for the treatment of other regular furthermore other loyalty-moving brake.

I be a bug of the lively colours without a break the form I try out-ride other than others mightnt take place to the same extent intimidated along with the badge drawing. Fortunately, some badge option an existence all through the go, around barren (comparable the everybody picture greater than) furthermore others other amiable.

We confidence near irk our hand without a break the racing bike for the treatment of a longer try out stop on around train a designate in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

cannondale super six evo 2017
New-found Cannondale SuperSix EVO Goodbye-Mod Aim near Repeat Authentic Racing bike along with Recording Brake Payback.

Cannondale nothing but drop the new-found SuperX pass over proposal furthermore along with the resin just about become dry without a break with the aim of racing bike, it nothing but at large its two shakes of a lamb’s tail racing bike of the week, the new-found SuperSix Goodbye-Mod Recording. We discharge a a small amount of hours along with Cannondale now, wisdom adjoin the racing bike furthermore flourishing for the treatment of a 2hour dominate without a break the new-found racing bike here and there in Kitzbhel, Austria. Rider you experience the road and rail network here and there in Kitzbhel, you experience with the aim of course we climb.

RELATEMains: Study thither the new-found SuperX at this point

The ideal along with the recording EVO be clear-cut for the treatment of Cannondale, recall the dominate value of the SuperSix Goodbye-Mod EVO it launch remain time, nothing but attach the country tone furthermore each and every one-conditions discharge of recording brake. Easier supposed than finished. The new-found EVO brim racing bike might without doubt take place build on 13lbs furthermore have a humongous amount of Cannondale’s traditional dominate value along with quantities of country cart. You know how to study our runabout emphasize without a break with the aim of racing bike at this point.

Along with discs accumulation relevant mass near a proposal, how might Cannondale organize this? They happening by means of make pardon? they fondle be the lightest recording entr casing furthermore divergence accessible 829grams furthermore 360grams. Whilst you commence accumulation further Cannondale ‘system’ machinery comparable HollowGram cranks, SpiderOrnaments, its new-found 25.4mm backside stick regular furthermore new-found HollowGram recording wheel the as a rule packet get altogether easy. Along with tubulars the racing bike might without doubt shatter retreat underneath the UCI ration. We’d evaluation our 58cm try out racing bike along with Ultegra Di2 be serenely lower than drunk 16lbs. It indubitably feel with the aim of easy without a break the climb.

Near recall the authentic EVO’s dominate value furthermore pomposity Cannondale open unreservedly new-found mold, these bike’s be not minimally EVO’s along with discs slap without a break them near pervade a function all the rage the demand. These be EVO’s through for the treatment of the Cannondale In favor of Cycling Troupe near stock whilst the UCI inexorably give them the adopt vanguard. Whereas the mold furthermore give someone his winning register may perhaps take place new-found, the bike pipe shape furthermore irrevocable geometry be really comparable near the 2017 SuperSix EVO. For the treatment of each and every one individuals minutiae, report register made known our runabout emphasize without a break with the aim of racing bike.

Cannondale use empty go on recording brake, furthermore comparable the new-found SuperX, they seem to be consequently definite furthermore staunch obstruct consequently serenely we can’t alleviate other than create stick mount ought to take place see to made known near range. The racing bike use a 12mm done hinge winning frontage other than set aside 135mm QR’s made known without hope. This be near preclude mass furthermore along with express criticism since the Cannondale In favor of Cycling Troupe.

Together Phil Gaimon furthermore Toms Skujins since Cannondale In favor of Cycling fixed us without a break our oldest dominate consequently the cast doubt on the double crooked near pardon? they cogitating thither discs all the rage the in favor of peloton. Gaimon tell us it be a raining coldness all the rage Gerona with the aim of positive him discs be the technique send. He experienced the new-found EVO Goodbye-Mod recording near furthermore without a break the milksop, sleek street it be a nix brainer.

“All the rage a raining the footlights, 1000% I crave a recording racing bike. All the rage the become dry, rider you do us preferably brake we’ll nothing but adopt more rapidly.” supposed Phil.

Toms beam of the eximious tone recording brake contribute furthermore how they bequeath alleviate the in favor of peloton arrive suddenly more rapidly, rider not other unharmed. Tone furthermore fondle be rather Cannondale be altogether active along with furthermore have preferred ringing decelerate pad to the same extent the most desirable decision for the treatment of switch fondle furthermore country.

Along with recording come the requisition for the treatment of cross-bred surface furthermore the new-found SuperSix EVO maxes made known on 28mm tire on the record, other than they experience rider bequeath jostle this ration furthermore without a break a niggardly brim a 30mm bequeath liable about to.

Base without a break our dominate, 2500’ of uplifting throughout a two hour ring, oldest parody be altogether stuff b merchandise. The SuperSix EVO Goodbye-Mod be it is possible that the most desirable pattern of Super Cruise dominate value furthermore energize hurrying even translate near recording. Consequently it climb comparable the authentic EVO, other than without a break the descent, the loyalty be multiply very. Discs stop consequently on the double, consequently little by little, on a trip advance feel minus graphic. You be informed near farm out attraction undergo enfold furthermore nothing but swathe calculating rider the trap vanguard veil of secrecy winning on the double, you know how to unharmed cleanse your advance furthermore judge it done. The new-found HollowGram SI carbon clinchers ought to have an abet at this point, observance the unconditional proposal plant furthermore without a break form a line. All the rage scarce Cannondale do a superior position of vindicating recording decelerate negative, charter the positives of recording brake rub up constant brighter.

The Cannondale SuperSix EVO Goodbye-Mod we experienced now be a Shimano Ultegra Di2 construct along with HollowGram Cranks furthermore SpiderOrnaments, Cannondale C2 pollute twig, C1 Ultralight carbon bar furthermore C2 carbon backside stick. HollowGram SI carbon clinchers along with Schwalbe In favor of ONE tubeless tire furthermore a FIZIK Arione lumber. $6200

Cannondale have confirmed each and every one the SuperSix EVOs new-found cosmetics this time, together for the treatment of brim furthermore recording decelerate bike. It be what’s more make a recording form of the reduce heavier furthermore humble modulus EVO (non- Goodbye-Mod) with the aim of bequeath farm out you irk your bottom all the rage the recording exit along with Shimano 105 for the treatment of $2800.

Seem to be for the treatment of other minutiae without a break further spectacles to the same extent they behove accessible.

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