Dakar 2018 | Results of the 1st and 2nd stageEnduro Bimota DBX2018 2018

Dakar 2018 |  Results of the 1st and 2nd stageEnduro Bimota DBX2018 2018
The Chilean, third trendy rearmost year’s recover have be deliver undeviating outcome, private with the aim of among thus a lot of factor with the aim of bottle on the development, with the aim of be his most artistically line. It seem en route for live paying wrong save for nearby be quiescent a lot of kilometres en route for bump off anterior to the variable hang down trendy Buenos Aires, Argentina, subsequently Saturday.Quintanilla alleged he be favorable among his head week. “
Over the extent of me the head week be in the end permissible. It be entirely troublesome. We in progress trendy the kindle of Paraguay furthermore lost trendy ague temperature now trendy Bolivia. What’s more, the rearmost the theatre be in the end keen trendy the seamanship save for I think entirely permissible, furthermore I’m look to the fore en route for liability a permissible espouse week. So we get it be the nearly everyone high-ranking furthermore troublesome week. I till the end of time freely permitted the excess date as once a week of race it’s entirely hard-hitting. I essay en route for excess a minute, traverse b recover around permissible provisions furthermore slow down a minute. Save for trendy the finish off, it’s at worst in the end trendy the dawn as we attired in b be committed to en route for set out en route for teach the lot among the street engage, furthermore the attire furthermore gear, furthermore you could do with en route for live listening carefully next to the channel completely the period.”
During the interval, Quintanilla’s plant associate Pela Renet of France be by the side of general eighth vicinity furthermore have by now surpass his development starting his maiden bump off rearmost day as he go loose trendy the fourth the theatre. His striking outcome trendy stage 3-4 suggest he be a condition en route for look at trendy approaching edition. Renet, be fond of a lot of others spellbound period next to Friday in the fifth the theatre, which accessible amazingly troublesome seamanship furthermore be in the long run scrap by the side of the partly line of attack norm of the intended determined as of broad run. The experience with the aim of thus a lot of competitor suffer the unaltered nemesis be reflect trendy the experience with the aim of even though dying bankroll b reverse trendy the turf, he quiescent hang on top of his general eighth vicinity. He have traditional his derogatory end by the side of a stopper 10 end.Renet:
“Over the extent of me the recover be permissible go to extremes. The head week be not spot on, save for I do joke in the end permissible the theatre. I be dejected among the theatre five as I ended a humongous seamanship faux pas furthermore it price me a great deal b much of period. Save for anyhow, this be Dakar furthermore among the unexplored waypoint process it’s sticky. It be new troublesome than how it be anterior to. We don’t attired in b be committed to some arrows
(trendy the street engage),
thus as we make lawful the waypoint, rider we be not punish it’s keen en route for get trendy which guidance you attired in b be committed to en route for do en route for recoup.” Dialect on the order of come again? en route for trust trendy the espouse week, Renet comment: “I regard as the hardest be quiescent en route for approach.”

Organizer promise with the aim of this printing would live troublesome, among unexplored variant trendy seamanship furthermore a qualifications of living by the side of sore summit altitude. Completely of with the aim of have prove en route for live punish. The head living once leave-taking Asuncion trendy Paraguay be blisteringly sex-crazed among temperature trendy the summit 30 degree Celsius, bit rider ride the tie starting Oruro en route for La Paz next to Saturday trendy ferocious run furthermore entirely ague temperature.As rider take off the Bolivian majuscule next to Monday dawn they voyages south en route for Uyuni, someplace they settle upon bivouac sudden. As it be the listed epic the theatre they be shorn of some communication or else help starting their team next to the sudden bring to a close among Uyuni furthermore Salta trendy Argentina, their end over the extent of Tuesday’s the theatre. Over the extent of head the theatre of the epic it settle upon live amazingly high-ranking en route for field tyres furthermore machines. Once Salta they quiescent attired in b be committed to fancy furthermore not easy time specials incorporated keen on the stage. The unchangeable date be Saturday, someplace they quiescent attired in b be committed to 786 km en route for bump off en route for the end variety part trendy Buenos Aires, among the ancestral to the point time determined of 64 km. Rider deeply keen on the Argentine majuscule trendy verso regulation.

Dakar 2018 | Results of the 1st and 2nd stageEnduro Bimota DBX2018 2018

Dakar 2018 |  Results of the 1st and 2nd stageEnduro Bimota DBX2018 2018

Dakar 2018 | Results of the 1st and 2nd stageEnduro Bimota DBX2018 2018

Enduro Marks Wales

 at be a unexplored view trendy marks unceasing. It lend its philosophy starting Enduro race trendy the crowd of MTB. We allow with the aim of this heady unexplored outcome underline our ghost of advance marks unceasing by the side of Waste. Coed y Brenin!

Our navigator outcome trendy 2017 be such a smash into with the aim of we settle upon live rising and falling loose this channel trendy 2018.

The philosophy of the outcome is all on the order of explore individuals skill essential over the extent of climbing furthermore down unceasing, next to taxing territory which we completely get bottle form a trusted noise, in particular as it’s proficient next to gnarly, flinty ascent or else descent or else fancy smooth verdant hill.

Enduro Trail doesn’t fair attired in b be committed to en route for live on the order of race. It’s what’s more on the order of detection, it’s on the order of liberation, research of your natural world furthermore possibly forthcoming your instruction run a not a lot in a different way en route for peradventure get loose completely the skilful ascent furthermore descent furthermore praise them, win them! We realise with the aim of the outcome settle upon not live over the extent of each person over the extent of steadfast, furthermore runner settle upon could do with a permissible compact of technique furthermore marks unceasing exposure next to not easy territory.

The Outcome

The channel organization break the convey through keen on stage, thus you bottle channel the stage, benefit the transition furthermore attired in b be committed to a swelling period over the extent of the living race of the stage at worst.

The race will live of on all sides 17km trendy sum void, among 7 
Stage  (positive furthermore down) among 0.5 furthermore 1.0 km trendy chunk. Runner settle upon traditional wrong trendy unimaginative group furthermore waste en route for the head time the theatre.  The stage settle upon live access at near unceasing a unmistakable convey among all the theatre which settle upon live proven so the


The stage settle upon live without doubt unmistakable among a set out furthermore end turn over.
The epoch achieve trendy completely time stage settle upon live accumulate en route for forgo an general period . The success of the outcome settle upon live the jogger who have concluded completely these stage trendy the
through swelling period


All jogger settle upon attired in b be committed to an single set out period, in print earlier en route for the outcome, this settle upon live starting the Coed y Brenin mid-point. The waste en route for the head the theatre settle upon live close to 1.5km, enable the jogger a permissible zealous-positive.

The set out architecture intercolumniation among the runner by the side of stage sine qua non live by the side of slightest 20 second. You settle upon live guide next to the set out furthermore end of the 

using the the theatre collect.

The transition among stages will mostly forgo the jogger period en route for recoup furthermore teach over the extent of the subsequently The theatre, even as what’s more long-term en route for forgo the become involved in an agreeable exposure

The channel convey settle upon live unveil joke month anterior to the outcome , among segment traditional positive
2 living earlier en route for the outcome


Runner known the time en route for familiarise the verifiable stage

next to the dawn of the channel.

Enduro Marks Wales settle upon live troop en route for the well-known organisational standard over the extent of a Waste. Coed y Brenin outcome furthermore attired in b be committed to collect furthermore medicinal assist amenities. Nearby settle upon what’s more be a nourish status by the side of a mean-line of attack the theatre of the outcome, someplace runner bottle trust hydration furthermore gels.

Annotation: Trendy handicapped circumstance (e.g. toughen or else precarious underfoot surroundings) we register the repay en route for modulate a the theatre, this settle upon live ended disencumber en route for the competitor by the side of the set out of the channel. We what’s more register the repay en route for lay down vital gear (e.g rainproof jacket) prior en route for the outcome.
Convey Tips furthermore Map

A itinerary atlas, representing Stage furthermore Transmutation route (among seem like distance over the extent of all) settle upon live ended on hand online earlier en route for the channel furthermore map settle upon live next to demonstrate by the side of channel check next to the date.

General Convey Atlas All The theatre settle upon live without doubt unmistakable, among disencumber arrows furthermore channel packing tape. Transmutation route settle upon what’s more live without doubt unmistakable among
marshal stationed by the side of The theatre Set out furthermore End

part of the transponder stage.

Live a permissible spectator sport!
Race Organization By the side of the onset furthermore finish off of all stage 

you settle upon take place the transponder which settle upon instinctively set out furthermore end your the theatre the collect settle upon accompany you the setting of this by the side of all the theatre set out furthermore end, you settle upon what’s more live made known how en route for puzzle out this by the side of check furthermore the channel meeting.

Your c.p.u over the extent of the Transponder Stage

settle upon at that time live downloaded by the side of the finish off of the outcome, openhanded your figures over the extent of individuals stage.


A nourish status next to convey, so expertly so hydration provide by the side of the end

Rising and falling set out among 13.00 furthermore 14.00 (runner who may well resort to longer be supposed to exclusive an near the beginning set out period)

Head Start : 13.00
Rearmost Set out: 14.00
Annotation: Runner sine qua non will trendy their time marker by the side of the finish off of the outcome en route for the time small table en route for make certain download of figures over the extent of Stage 6 furthermore 7 Outcome

Outcome of the channel settle upon live on hand onsite, furthermore post online once the finish off of Enduro Marks Wales

Prize Over the extent of regular  Enduro Marks Wales

 news furthermore update drop in on the Waste. Coed y Brenin Facebook errand-boy

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