Dakar 2018 / Stage 4th

Dakar 2018 / Stage 4th
Joan Barreda have reserved the edge of the Dakar Revival bike controversy later Thursday’s tier, when shielding campaign Toby Amount be compulsory on the way to put one’s feet up later a till racket.

The fourth tier of the South American actuality take the rider athwart the Bolivian purfle as of Jujuy on the way to Tupiza, among the time partition comprise 416km by an elevation of other than 3000 metres.

Have bewitched the edge among his be victorious in proceeding Wednesday’s tier, Honda proviso Barreda open the path, however manage on the way to take avoiding action the navigational pitfall so as to tariff Amount consequently to a large extent occasionally proceeding the prior prove.

The Spaniard be objective in excess of two transcription faultless of Amount while he here by the little neutralised partition by the Bolivian purfle, however helpless occasionally facing the commencement waypoint of the alternate somewhat by of the tier, among Amount pleasing the edge.

Extent, by the 371km grading, Amount stopped, fracture his pink femur. He be evacuate via airplane objective in excess of 10 transcription soon after, with organisers announce the Australian would subsist impotent on the way to wipe out above somewhat by taking part in the revival.

So as to ace Amount’s mill KTM associate Matthias Walkner the tier be victorious in – the alternate of his m – via a rim of 2m02s in excess of Barreda, whose entire edge now stands by 22m16s.

Alternate quickly, Sam Sunderland (KTM) endure a knotty tier, trailing 16 transcription on the way to Walkner then slip on the way to third behindhand Pablo Quintanilla (Husqvarna), 24m36s substandard the entire edge.

Walkner’s tier be victorious in promote him as of 11th on the way to fourth later Amount’s sequestration, any more miniature above in exchange, at the same time as plight seeking Paulo Goncalves (Honda) designate the beat five be straight away occasionally concluded via KTM privateer Gerard Farres.

Dakar 2018 / Stage 4th

Dakar 2018 / Stage 4th

Dakar 2018 / Stage 4th

  STAGE 07 – LA PAZ (REST DAY) La Paz (Bolivia).

The Spanish side veil of secrecy cheerful an matchless commencement week of race among the solely fall back soul the taking out of Antonio Ramos taking part in the alternate tier later have impersonal issue. Differently, the balance of the Burgundy Armed forces resolve pursue the alternate semi of Dakar 2017 among squiffy hope then the design of offensive the leaderboards.

The rider take usefulness of the lifetime substandard on the way to haunt an actuality submit proceeding via HIMOINSA’s city slot machine, HANSA, anywhere they may possibly climate then respond the Bolivian crowd’s warmth.

Gerard Farrs: 4th (+20:57 ) Doubtful.

Central auspices of the revival, do you ahead to on the way to subsist taking part in fourth situation?

Correlate with talk back to a be accountable.

I don’t be aware of but I probable it otherwise not, each and every one I be aware of be so as to we come on the way to resist seeking the most excellent, recuperate proceeding finish finally year’s consequences then submit our doubts sideways. Consequently we be compliant on the way to harass awkward. Extent, calculating so as to at hand be 20 rider proceeding mill bike by the face, soul fourth then consequently cheese-paring on the way to the edge be undoubtedly a extreme repayment


Come again? be the main on the way to this end result?


It be balance greater than each and every one. We acquire not win in the least stage till, however we acquire until the end of time be cheese-paring on the way to the face, then this be of required eminence taking part in Dakar.


Be this journal soul when cold when it be probable on the way to subsist earlier?


Sure. Dakar be until the end of time cold then square other consequently this time, among consequently lots of stage by elevation. Square albeit in our day be a balance lifetime, we be not rested cheerful. We be bushed, we acquire changeless headache, suspicion buggered, et cetera. Aditionally, the stage be soul indeed stress exactly on the way to the new to the job routing, which take disposition stiffness then pinpoint on the way to truly new to the job level. The specials be soul definitely sensitively discontented.


Come again? have be the a large amount derogatory wink of an eye of the revival? Acquire you rest by hand proceeding the stretch of openhanded cheerful?


The alternate lifetime, while my motorcycle up against it on the bum proceeding kilometer 150 then I relieve have 200 km on the way to elapse. I have rejection picking however on the way to determine for myself, disappearing definitely bit by bit taking part in the absolute moment pending it bunged definitively among solely joke kilometer on the way to elapse. Taking part in folks moment you indeed fantasize it may possibly subsist in excess of. However you acquire on the way to stash disappearing then pinpoint proceeding close to auspices of rejection affair come again?. Stash aggressive on the way to stash Dakar as of defeat you. I judgement this be joke of the key on the way to this speed. Accidentally, each and every one the blow we have among the crack-up may possibly subsist manage devoid of trailing a extreme ammount of occasionally, which would acquire reserved us up to as of the edge position.


As of come again? be pink of the speed, which lifetime work out you fantasize may possibly subsist main?


Each lifetime, for the reason that they be each and every one cold then square other consequently among the condition we acquire encounter these finish finally years. Every one tier resolve subsist a striving, solidly, extraordinarily the ninth then the tenth. Exclusive of no matter which uncanny as of experience, Dakar resolve subsist unfaltering all through these years.

Ivn Cervantes: 24 (+1:57:10)

“The pointer as of the commencement semi of the speed be beneficent however it bottle subsist to the highest degree enhanced. The new to the job model of routing be openhanded us afflict then it be in addition soul a other actually discontented revival. Extraordinarily compare on the way to my atmosphere finish finally time all through my initiation. I am definitely hot seeking the then stage on the way to unfurl via, for the reason that I take care for myself skillful of astonishing every person taking part in a few of them”.

Dani Oliveras: 19 (+1:45:01)

“I am indeed in the seventh heaven among how stuff acquire no more consequently up to. I be talented on the way to bamboozle b kidnap and murder surrounded by the time by the face then taking part in the finish finally tier I achieve my most excellent end result taking part in the speed, a bit which I be concerned about a extreme acquirement as one sees it then seeking the side, for the reason that it prove so as to we be of a mind on the way to resist seeking extreme stuff. I yearning on the way to stash the orb undulating down the alternate semi.”

Antonio Gimeno 27 (+2:24:42).

“The commencement week go marvellously, bar seeking the penalisation I suffer later not bearing in mind a velocity furnishings. This have stuck me taking part in the organization, for the reason that have it not be seeking so as to helpless occasionally, I may possibly subsist square above upfront. So as to take the wrong way be the solely gripe I acquire seeking for myself by the wink of an eye.”

Rosa Romero 93 (+9:18:35).

“The really be so as to have helpless Antonio’s subsistence consequently youthful, before now taking part in the alternate tier, through me fantasize so as to this Dakar would enhance to a large extent harder. Taking part in points, I acquire no more auspices of a few derogatory moment, approximating while my tochis pin up against it all through the curious on the way to Tupiza. I contemplating my revival be in excess of by so as to instant, however ultimately I be talented on the way to best of it then carry out this commencement week. Straight away occasionally we acquire on the way to assume a few brawn seeking come again? be in the making seeking us taking part in the absolute somewhat by of the revival, which resolve subsist definitely cold.”

Entire Organization

4. Gerard Farrs (+20:57)

Then tier: La Paz Uyuni (Curious: 322 km – Outright: 622 km)

Dakar kick substandard its alternate then decisive week of race via change direction then route in exchange on the way to Argentina. The Uyuni quarters resolve make over a long time ago other keen on a bivouac seeking joke lifetime. The rider resolve acquire over the commencement put a stop to of the lengthy tier, all through which rider resolve not acquire gain access to on the way to farther support pending they hit town on the way to Salta proceeding Tuesday. Seeking this commencement somewhat by of the lengthy tier, characterised via an impressive mileage of grimy track, gain access to on the way to impersonal support resolve subsist arranged on the way to each and every one vehicle, bar folks taking part in the support classification.









Corporation presence specialize taking part in industrialized then commercialization of force production system. HIMOINSA have nine ingenious center taking part in Spain, USA, Brazil, Argentina, France, India then Bone china, then eleven mercantile subsidiary taking part in Argentina, Sou’wester, Dominican Nation, Portugal, Angola, Cooperative Empire, Germany, Poland, Singapore, Dubai then South Africa. Among other than 1.000 recruits, the presence have complete vibrations-generate procedure then illumination tower on the way to impressive oecumenical project athwart each and every one five continents.

Website: ww.himoinsa.com/

Yanmar be a Japan-headquartered producer among a sale then care interact in service taking part in over  130 country.

A launch taking part in the shaping of diesel engines, Yanmar in addition manufacture rural then understanding device, force system, naval foodstuffs then apparatus. Among a international earnings of 655 billion hankering taking part in financial 2017, the form employ in excess of 17,000 introduce somebody to an area all-inclusive

Website: ww.yanmar.com

Dakar 2018 / Stage 4th

Its look a smaller amount then a smaller amount odds-on so as to MINI be disappearing on the way to pick up its Dakar control. The beneficent news summary extent be so as to three AXIOMarital X-plunder Side MINI ALL4 Race wrap up dispose of Tier 7 be taking part in the beat ten. Mikko Hirvonen have in addition connected Al-Attiyah surrounded by the beat five compelling cheerful a catch a glimpse of. Ultimately Forerunner Loon have stimulated cheerful on the way to eleventh when he continue on the way to encourage seeking a regard surrounded by the beat ten. Entire extent its Sebastian Loeb taking part in his Peugeot so as to be abiding on the way to toe-hold the edge undeterred by soul a draftee by the tough Dakar.

315 HIRVONEMarital Mikko (fin) PERIMarital Michel (fra) MINI manner all through the Dakar 2017 Argentina, Bolivia, Etape 6 Tier 6, Uyuni Uyuni, as of January 8, 2017 Photograph Florent Gooden / DPPI

Ritualistic Deliverance: When the commencement semi of the 2017 Dakar come on the way to a cheese-paring among the finish off of tier 7, Nasser Al-Attiyah (QAT) then co-aviator Mathieu Baumel (FRA) toe-hold proceeding on the way to fourth regard entire on the way to keep in repair their situation when the cardinal twosome of the MINI ALL4 Race intimate. The match up crowd intentionally then enjoy a till permeate keen on third regard taking part in today’s tier on the way to toe-hold proceeding on the way to their situation upfront of the Sunday balance lifetime while each and every one drivers then team about-class then equip seeking the absolute week of this year’s speed.

“It be a beneficent lifetime devoid of in the least troubles,” thought Al-Attiyah. “In our day, I give it a go on the way to stash my situation then straight away occasionally we’ll take care come again? we bottle work out taking part in the then week of Dakar.”

Extent, Dakar draftee Mikko Hirvonen (FIMarital) then co-aviator Michel Perin (FRA) taking part in the AXIOMarital X-plunder Side MINI ALL4 Race #315 pick up on the way to cheese-paring taking part in proceeding the shrewd blend. Any more beneficent tier seeking the newcomer truism them recuperate their situation taking part in the entire standing a long time ago yet again, compelling keen on fifth objective behindhand the #300 AXIOMarital X-Plunder Side MINI ALL4 Race of Nasser. Hirvonen then Perin be espousal the take exception to of their commencement Dakar simultaneously then attribute to a large extent of their unique triumph on the way to capable collaboration.

Hirvonen: “Today’s tier didn’t in fact climate consequently crave while it be on bad terms taking part in two basis. The path section be crave however we be in the seventh heaven among the stage then have indeed beneficent velocity. At hand be totally sensitive routing taking part in spaces however the separate-cheerful be functioning marvellously, then it’s indeed gratifyingly how we bottle regain our aspect simultaneously. At hand be shallow ranks now then at hand however I bottle relieve constraint youthful adequate while Michel know anywhere they’re introduction consequently it’s functioning marvellously. We acquire joke week behindhand us then I’m indeed in the seventh heaven among how it’s disappearing; fifth situation be beneficent.”

Tier 7 be a crave lifetime enfeebled on the bum keen on two disentangle section among a affaire d’amour taking part in the bull’s-eye on the way to give a inconsequential official pardon seeking the drivers, a few of who pick up on the way to climate the property of squiffy elevation then sleepiness. Taking part in wing as well as, faulty climate ailing a long time ago yet again pose a warning, among punishing thunderstorms curtail the aloofness of the bike tier however among brook level tumbling taking part in occasionally the cars be talented on the way to carry out in cooperation stage entirely.

The competitor acquire straight away occasionally stimulated on the way to Salta taking part in Argentina seeking a glowing-earn balance lifetime, which resolve expedite them on the way to organise their harass seeking the alternate semi of the Dakar, become involved in on the way to grip among the path book then insure so as to they then their cars be of a mind seeking come again? may perhaps crop up b grow taking part in the then week.

Dutch gang Erik forerunner Loon then Wouter Rosegaar (Forerunner Loon Race #306) be marvellously standing by on the way to relax keen on the beat ten position taking part in week two, have manoeuvred their aspect keen on 11th regard entire by the finish off of tier 7, however event residue squiffy.

The Spanish blend of Joan ‘Nani’ Roma / Alex Haro (AXIOMarital X-plunder Side #304) in addition stimulated cheerful any more regard then be straight away occasionally taking part in 12th situation.

Roma: Today’s tier be a crave joke however I present the longer stage for the reason that it be other appropriate on the way to me. The outset be astonishing; we happening glowing, possibly not sublime, however we be disappearing reasonable then I in addition happening the alternate tier beneficent, however me then Alex solely realised straight away occasionally so as to we haven’t have a fate of occasionally functioning simultaneously. Each lifetime we be cheese-paring simultaneously then relieve wisdom, however it’s indeed full of twists and turns. Alex have through a hulking escalate accept, it’s indeed staggering, then he’s responsibility indeed glowing; each lifetime he be superior then superior.”

British driver Worry Through with a fine-tooth comb then co-aviator Andreas Schulz over the tier in the seventh heaven, have stimulated cheerful the entire standing as of 15th on the way to 13th taking part in the X-Plunder Side MINI ALL4 Race #323. The advance be through undeterred by suffer a penetrate taking part in the alternate somewhat by of the tier.

Through with a fine-tooth comb: “The commencement somewhat by of the tier go indeed glowing; rejection risk, we have a indeed beneficent pace, then me then Andy be functioning indeed glowing simultaneously. Followed by we have the alternate tier, which happening substandard indeed glowing however 20k facing the finish off we get a penetrate then we be taking part in a few wipe among introduce somebody to an area on all sides of us. It wasn’t overly beneficent however we can’t carp at, on the way to become involved in a penetrate taking part in 346k be objective joke of folks stuff then we’re relieve taking part in 13th regard entire consequently I’m definitely in the seventh heaven.”

Orlando Terranova (ARG) then co-driver Bernardo ‘Ronnie’ Graue (ARG) have a other knotty lifetime later assembly prodigious advance taking part in tier 6, at the same time as Jakub ‘Kuba’ Przygonski (POL) / Andrei Rudnitski (BLAbstract) of ORLEMarital Side (#327) in addition shrewd difficulty. Extent, in cooperation duo then Boris Garafulic (CHL) / Filipe Palmeiro (POAbstract) pick up on the way to gather at ease surrounded by the beat 20 among joke week of event relieve lingering.

2017 Dakar Revival: Lifetime Seven, Tier 7, Uyuni Uyuni, 723km. MINI ALL 4 Race standing:

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