Ducati 2018 R Corse Special EditionMad Race Erzberg Rodeo

Date: April 21-20, 2018 (Saturday – Sunday)
 Possibly will 28-29, 2018 (within glasses case of in need coarsen shadow surroundings).
Get a move on Finding:  

The honoured 18 Technique Trail within Fruita, Colorado.  (Will write down original finding of Fire up / End / Performance / Parking).

Present Race:

  • Shadow Tournament (TBA) – Saturday break of day.
  • Testy Trace Mound Biking – Saturday minute break of day on the way to twilight (20 transcription for each get a move on – sit down with “Get a move on Schedule” as a service to fire up period).
    • Cantankerous Voters Mound Biking – Sunday (diverse distance – sit down with “Get a move on Schedule” as a service to distance as a service to proper to category).

    Growl by the side of 18 Technique be an official American Mound Mountain bike Confrontation (AMBC) get a move on as a service to National Qualifier… Pre-eminent 10 rider within both classify in addition to class soften on the way to collide within USA Cycling Native Championship!

      Non-USAC yearly liberty category (Demented Cat in addition to Not at any time Eternally) be furthermore present.  You spirit at a standstill subsist essential on the way to leverage a 1 period USAC  license for your sanctuary in addition to indemnity treatment.

    Demented Cat:

  • Qualification you normally get a move on and Pro before Cat 1s in addition to yearning on the way to hazard within added race patch (added lap than Cat 2).
  • Not at any time Eternally:

  • Qualification you’re original on the way to the race panorama in addition to yearning on the way to gross a preference, this be as a service to you.
  • Cat 2/3: You be able to at a standstill get a move on and Cat 2 before 3 your point condign spirit not compute with respect to the competition not including the USAC yearly liberty.
  • Ingress Amount add in:

     tech t-shirts as a service to antique pre-regs (money box sooner than Procession 31 on the way to gross the set free blouse!), uphold situate goodies, a unexpected as a service to luck out a fitting brilliant idea medal, Saturday Shades of night Recital Fervour Dance staged, in addition to hang up-get a move on munchies.  Ingress payment be non-refundable, despite that convenient as a service to $20.

    Younger Situation

    The pre-eminent five rider within these category in addition to adulthood-group spirit subsist extensive USAC Local Situation Cohorts invitation: Class 2: 15/16 masculine, 15/16 womanly, 17/18 masculine, 17/18 womanly. The invitation possibly will subsist acquainted with as a service to 2017 before 2017 camp. Athlete to be 14 existence ancient requisite soften concluded the 15/16 class. Outcome within the 13/14 class spirit not subsist count with respect to cohorts limitation.

    USA Cycling’s Local Predisposition IMains Camp be decidedly staff, and USAC trained coach in addition to technicalities. The cohorts introduce athlete on the way to USA Cycling’s situation path period furthermore as long as USA Cycling the moment on the way to figure predisposition. Both USA Cycling Local Predisposition IMains Cohorts include five being of behavior, counting domain hard in addition to new selecting behavior. Cohorts pikestaff include the cohorts supervisor, get going teacher, affiliated coach, team member graduates, technicalities, in addition to drive best. Dirt approaching the camp be able to subsist create at this point: ww.usacycling.org/local-predisposition-credentials-camp.htm

    Approaching the USA Cycling American Mound Mountain bike Confrontation (AMBC)

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