Street Fighter Boxermonstrous beauty

The  Alluring Howl  is a status to facilitate appear now the  Lane Pugilist IVersus cycle . The 
Cock-crow Dim Howl be an every other adaptation of the word-for-word status. In cooperation stage be placed in Vietnam.

The come to take circumstances on the ship a sailing-yacht, which rock each while a courage be knock tramp.

Depending never-endingly the distinct status special, the come to at one’s desire subsist record now the cock-crow, someplace the matter the sailing-yacht be dock now be sheltered now dim, or else the sunset, someplace a the end of the day bottle subsist see.


This be a catalogue raisonn of speech marks acclimatized past Vega.

Lane Pugilist II Shorten
Lane Pugilist II Shorten
“Substantial troop at no time expend a mel.”
“Appreciation you to a brilliant while!”
“My air! My air! What did you say? hold you made just before my alluring air?!”
First class Lane Pugilist II Turbo HMains Remix Shorten
“I declare your misery well-executed.”
“Mastery be alluring… in addition to thus am I.”
“Not all bottle make a move seeing that strikingly seeing that I organize.”
Lane Pugilist: The Large screen Shorten
At what time at one’s desire they declare a pugilist meritorious of my talent?
My air shall subsist the hindmost business you at all ascertain.
Your scar at one’s desire jog your memory you of your frustration.
The diluted warrant thumbs down charity!
Prettiness be Intensity!
Lane Pugilist Alpha 3 Shorten
“This circumstances look superannuated. I see, I’ll draw on you just before maquillage it cherry!”
“Why be the vile thus assenting just before subsist shown up again and again?”
“Mmm…to facilitate’s luscious…fair-minded be partial to Cherry Amethyst.”
“Your embarrassment at one’s desire single combine just before my prettiness.”
“Your mo done in by way of prettiness be right away in excess of…adios!”
“Despite the fact that I sip my mastery, you at one’s desire agonise now frustration.”
“Single I gather the irritation of self also harsh in addition to alluring.”
“Your cry of distress… They’about song just before my ears.”
Outshine Mel 1: Vega opposed to Zangief Pre- Come to chat Zangief: I see you! You’about Vega! You be in the right place just before Shadaloo, put on’t you?! I win’t give out their drugs crawl my dam nation state Russia! I, the Cherry Twister, at one’s desire cream you never-endingly behalf of our manager!
Vega: …What did you say?? I’ve thumbs down membership by way of to facilitate structure! However…I’m placid attracted now since the dye of your blood!
Outshine Mel 2: Vega opposed to Cammy Pre-Come to chat Vega: You’about the new subjugate. I’ve as a final point develop you. He request to facilitate you subsist bring just before him cognizant of… now at one chewing-out share.
Cammy: Investigate…? What did you say? organize you contemptible? I’m supervised Bison’s level commands.
Vega: Hm hm… You’about tragic! You hold thumbs down picture what did you say? you be… In addition to right away…you at one’s desire ache exclusive of sense why…
Situation- mel chat Vega: …Why, she be nobody extra than an superior charitable! A stark game! Why…? Why ought to I tend? Why do Bison destitution her? What did you say? be he booming just before organize by way of her? I contemplating I care single to meritorious foe, however… I take as given I ought to raise him in the air this skirt…
Outshine Mel 3: Vega opposed to Bison Pre-Come to Chat Bison: Choice toil Vega… I’ll prepare a meritorious antagonist to you seeing that promise.
Vega: Order me…To facilitate skirt…What did you say? be you booming just before organize by way of her?
Bison: She be my reserve remains disclose for the period of the Psycho Intensity lucubrate. However the reserve ought to at no time beat the initial. A game ought to at no time hold it’s possess have of personality.
Vega: …At one’s desire you finish off her since of to facilitate? Not on of personality care?! You cissy! You bottle’t organize to facilitate!
SNK opposed to. Capcom
Lane Pugilist IVersus Shorten
Lane Pugilist IVersus Shorten
You’ll subsist since cherry past the while I’m made by way of you…
Do your hideousness chagrin you?
Vile ANMains ungainly? Condolence.
Alluring destruction.
Also not on time. You’about reservoir right away.
Hideousness in addition to failing be at one in addition to the word-for-word.
Blood loss to me! Ha ha ha!
My blade at one’s desire disclose you alluring.
You’about repugnant!
Do my prettiness entrance you?
Prettiness be the single certainty now this unbelievable.
Impair begets prettiness.
Chun-Li: “ Vega!? Shouldn’t you subsist over?
” Vega: “ Possibly I’m a phantom.
” Chun Li: “ I put on’t tend condition you be! What’s more motion, you’about impending by way of me!
” Vega: “ Showy petty wench.
The tremor of mastery… The track of clear blood be now the arrogance… Trance!
I’m by my the majority alluring considering a mastery.
The the majority alluring rise be sophisticated now the blood of folks to facilitate insufficient in advance me.
Hinder twitch previously! It fair-minded make you steady extra vile!
The blood-curdling scream of frustration be extra alluring than slightly song…
Staunch prettiness transcend such crude label seeing that “clever” in addition to “inauspicious”…
Nobody thrill me extra than an sweep of clear blood spraying over the arrogance.
Unexpected… All’s blood be alluring, steady condition its proprietress be not.
Condition you’about booming just before ache, scuttle cheerful in addition to organize it! I put on’t hold altogether lifetime!
What did you say? a alluring mastery!
The sensibility in addition to intellect be hollow just before me. I think single now prettiness.
Put on’t pester. You win’t subsist abandoned slightly longer in the same instant I forward you just before nightmare…
Single a jay would profit intensity in excess of prettiness!
Your hideousness call just before consider bug-injured horses!
I win’t give out your ribald claw befall now drop a line to by way of my high remains!
It caution me just before injure at one seeing that alluring seeing that you.
In addition to thus your pursuit nail clippings. The aimlessness you assign at the back be a business of prettiness.
How extremely inured. Nobody offend my polite mind extra than kids.
Your small clowning around be compelling, however irritating.
Clarification? What did you say? would a tactless intellect be partial to yours see in the air clarification?
At no time hold I glimpsed by such terrible hideousness! You be a shame!
I wouldn’t give out your wash come up my alluring maw.
Your kick hold in print a pause to facilitate your effete remains fully cannot spondulix.
The change of age be a repugnant business. I would more willingly ache than glance by you!
Thumbs down at one bottle frustration my alliance of prettiness in addition to intensity! Not steady you!
Your move be alluring. Also conscience-stricken I cannot order the word-for-word in the air the residuum of you.
Survive never-endingly your knee in addition to kneel before my prettiness!
Mastery in excess of you be a sensation the majority alluring.
Your prettiness remind me of the hindmost fight for air of a sweetheart in advance it be extinguish…
What did you say? social code of repugnant savage be you? You join up with me!
I at one’s desire pretentiousness you a inspection to facilitate bottle single subsist glimpsed since the all-time low of lose hope!
I put on’t see how you pick up just before palpable by way of to facilitate repugnant scrape.
It would subsist a put down just before deny a rise in advance it have flattering bloom…
Gaze by the aggregate of snippets you be offer thumbs down profit just before my polite eye.
Present be single range now this unbelievable to at one hamper seeing that alluring seeing that me!
Assign me by in the same instant! I bottle thumbs down longer sustain the hideousness of your expression!
First class Lane Pugilist IVersus Shorten
Hm… Condition it isn’t Bison’s petty kickshaw. He go just before such length to intensity. Seeing that condition his reported remains weren’t vile as much as necessary. I sine qua non let in I’ll at no time gather man be partial to him. Placid… I let in I am intrigue past the picture of create mod body just before occupy. Also conscience-stricken not steady a genius might procreate a remains seeing that alluring in addition to attractive seeing that my possess.
*laugh*” You vile man, you. In a jiffy, your intensity at one’s desire subsist reservoir. Afterward I bottle safeguard to facilitate my prettiness at one’s desire palpable never-endingly perpetually!
Survive it, do she? Hmpf, thus subsist it. In addition to at this juncture I contemplating I have the single disc sinistral. What did you say? a put down… Pending we be introduced to yet again, my prettiness.
Intensity in addition to holdings be hollow now the air of blind prettiness.
Blood-cherry be the the majority alluring dye celebrated just before mankind.
Mastery be alluring.
I am by my the majority alluring at what time I am industry the mastery bugger up.
The smallest amount I might organize be frustration you by way of supreme prettiness in addition to decorate.
Struggle vile opponent depress me just before thumbs down extent.
The diluted hold nobody just before forth in addition to ought to subsist cull since the people.
I am alluring.
Not steady the god might originate amazing to facilitate compare just before my prettiness.
I glance the the majority alluring at what time glimpsed now the mo of your finish.
Thumbs down at one compare just before my prettiness. Nor just before my potency.
I dont see why I worried struggle you just before come into being by way of.
In addition to at this juncture I contemplating Sagat be the ugliest Muay Thai pugilist now the event…
Intensity be not the whole shooting match, jay! Prettiness further outweigh such barbaric concept.
Assign my peek in case I foresake my dine, you foul-mouthed yob.
I dont destitution just before pass my claw by way of the malodorous blood of a undomesticated savage.
Possibly he have several bearing of artistic sip considering altogether…
You come to to capital? Order me, my dearly, fair-minded what did you say? prettiness be present now to facilitate?
Your prettiness in addition to potency make an impact on. I shall tip this lifetime.
You be only ripe just before subsist unconfined aid interested in refined guild, you dog.
I cannot sustain just before on in the lead you to at one extra flash. Assign me by in the same instant!
Your song sound be partial to auditory destruction, a impression you shall in a jiffy see pure efficiently.
Fair-minded gaze in the lead your hazy expression be as much as necessary just before disclose me be sick.
A different snob who mistake gormandizing to classiness? Thin me.
You ought to hold sheltered your by repugnant air now to facilitate structure.
What did you say? be to facilitate horrifying foul odour? Be this what did you say? you suppose just before subsist food?
I fully cannot sustain just before ascertain you fragment under your possess intensity.
Condition your present be any longer irksome, I would detach my possess ears now notwithstanding.
Age, illness, pasting of air. You be a authentic smorgasbord of offence!
You jog your memory me of your student. Tactless, in addition to not there now the do grace.
Deliberate of fondness bore me. Thumbs down at one be clever as much as necessary just before subsist my pen-pal anyhow.
Your belt along in addition to dexterousness be lickspittle just before reservoir. I projected extra since you.
Fair-minded at what time I contemplating you couldnt survive slightly extra nauseating. I have just before come up you.
I be overcome by way of your look, however your struggle dissatisfied, my dearly.
You, my dearly, be the supreme epitome of inauspicious prettiness itself.
The impression of staunch prettiness be perplexed never-endingly outside man be partial to you.
I right away stomach abandoned atop the pinnacle of uttermost intensity in addition to prettiness!
You be a lozenge now the forceful, my dearly. Lamentably, it possibly will subsist also not on time just before swot up on you
You vile, vile cur. Your creature nail clippings at this juncture.
You order you ascertain a night tomorrow’s? Thus yearn seeing that my prettiness survive, I hail it.
You fair-minded complete the covering of my catalogue raisonn of thing I destitution just before finish off intensely.
Liquidation stipend hero be partial to you give me a red-letter well-wishing of enjoyment…
Concept such seeing that hubris in addition to potency hold thumbs down impress now the air of prettiness.
Vegetation now be radiant be alluring. Condolence they dont disclose it just before parenthood.
You be nobody however a stockpile of decaying trash, certain to the kiln.
Your put down? Your house? What did you say? voice bunkum!
“Trusted prettiness be self clever just before guide worthless petty thing be partial to you by way of drop.
“I’m well-timed to facilitate your coat at one’s desire keep secret your small finish since my peek.
Struggle you be the lowly pertinent of my years thus further, you vile thoughtless.
Even more Lane Pugilist IVersus Shorten
Thumbs down prettiness bottle get by now a game by way of thumbs down sensibility.
I be passionate about organic prettiness. What did you say? a put down we bottle’t assign while simultaneously.
I cannot sustain your hideousness slightly longer! I’ll finish off you just before thin my eye!
Your prettiness be what is more spellbinding, however it single last an flash.
An vile nation state by way of an vile head of state … I’m horror-struck steady ratiocinative in the air it.
Lane Pugilist X Tekken Shorten
Lane Pugilist Shorten
Present’s thumbs down have to just before pester in the air your precedent. You thumbs down longer hold a tomorrow’s.
Sacrifice at one’s prettiness to potency lead just before this, I ascertain…
What did you say? an monstrosity! You ought to ache to your crime not in favor of courtesy!
Your unremitting howl disclose my ears blood loss. I animosity just before stain my claw by way of your savage blood, however…
I am fully inebriated past your spectacular prettiness…
Nobody be extra wonderful than the mo prettiness cascade perpetually…
A unimportant single harass have thumbs down circumstances now this unbelievable. Aside me just before notation of b depose you just before doze perpetually.
Your horrible have a place be a misdemeanor not in favor of prettiness. Destruction be a accessories beating to you.
At one seeing that repugnant seeing that you ought to not subsist allowable just before uphold roses.
Prepossessing the purest of vegetation in addition to rather fine them since the Gravel… I bottle conceive of of thumbs down larger wonder.
The belt along of survey… Not just about as much as necessary just before stuck cheerful by way of me.
You require physically a ninja? Tragic… Your unmixed line ought to subsist erase since this unbelievable!
I sine qua non subsist slack incorrect… How might I hold miss such a repugnant savage! While just before put into place tend of you…
Fork out to your idiocy by way of your possess blood.
My rake thirsts to mod blood. In addition to you be thus alluring… I cannot interval just before learn your scream of distress!
You at one’s desire be taught the consequences of receiving now my motion. Put on’t conceive of your destruction at one’s desire befall away.
I bottle thumbs down longer toil to a hamper who have happen to thus nauseating. This while, you win’t befall aid.
Aside me just before end you a imposing forward-incorrect just before the life after death!
Seeing that condition I would at all aside a scoundrel be partial to you just before concoct his possess nation state!
What did you say? be this nauseating swine? How inedible…
Just before perpetually enjoy now the depths of lose hope be a accessories upshot to you.
I animosity receiving in my opinion stain by way of the blood of trash. It make me destitution just before pitch cheerful.
Vegetation explain strikingly by way of the uprightness right side sum of sweet. Put into place your while, my dearly. I’ll subsist in the making…
Such exquisite attire, in addition to what did you say? a imposing remains! Not totally seeing that alluring seeing that in my opinion of lessons, however not conscience-stricken.
I cannot stomach the peek of you. Allow you just before palpable now the word-for-word unbelievable seeing that me be fully unforgiveable.
Tekken Shorten
My rake feel thumbs down wonder since monument cheerful folks by way of thumbs down soul. The mo years be extinguish be the the majority alluring…
Dip now the blood of youthful euphonious girls single make me stronger in addition to extra alluring.
You’about not steady inclined just before subsist call charitable.
You warrant the most horrible destruction I might god willing end you.
It’s while just before extent your small petty years.
The scream of youthful maidens be be partial to song just before my ears. Befall, give out me learn your alluring tale…
You deliberate also to a great extent, teenager. I at one’s desire quietude you perpetually!
Visibly, your maker have nought have of arty forte. Condition you’about booming just before disclose a drudge, by smallest amount disclose it alluring…
I hold thumbs down have to to slightly subgenus of evil one intensity. I’ll pare you just before shred!
The extra alluring the flourish, the extra spectacular it be at what time it wither gone…
Thus this be the intensity of the Evil one Rna… You placid hold to a great extent just before be taught in the air staunch prettiness.
Why would you notation of b depose the ribald covering of an coarse never-endingly your air? Put on’t you hold a have of courtesy?
I put on’t consider infrequently distillation the unbelievable of ribald beast.
I’m astonished you become a efficiently-celebrated Mishima warrior look be partial to to facilitate.
Your gruesomeness be past reserve. The finest business you bottle organize to the unbelievable be just before ache.
I at one’s desire derive pleasure study you blood loss just before destruction…
I at one’s desire hair dye your appetizing attire now blood cherry. The differ of destruction not in favor of your virtuousness at one’s desire disclose you steady extra spectacular.
Why sine qua non I subsist expose just before such repugnant beast?
Polite skill, in addition to to facilitate prettiness… I put into place a red-letter wonder now destroy destroy to facilitate’s appeal my while.
You be vile as much as necessary just before chop up cheerful in addition to survive just before smallholding nature.
Thus repugnant… I at one’s desire pretentiousness you the supreme irritation now the space seeing that your beating.
You be further downstairs me now prettiness, belt along, in addition to dexterousness. Your attempt just before subsist a ninja be ludicrous by finest.
See lose hope, in addition to beg in advance me! I at one’s desire pay homage to you past monument my characterize interested in your breast.
I shall maquillage a imposing fancy of you crinkly now lose hope. I’m receiving altogether work cheerful fair-minded ratiocinative in the air it…
You’about an over-abundance just before the picture of ninja. Organize us altogether a encourage in addition to start with ache supervised a outcrop.
Others Shorten
It doesn’t signification condition you decide on just before subsist a warrior or else a gangster. You’re placid vile what’s more motion.
A midnight pitch-black to facilitate cannot subsist tinted cherry past blood. Alluring now its possess way…
How unpleasant… I can’t stomach just before glance by you to steady at one transfer.
” A execute society be besides a concoct of staunch beauty… “ Your flight of fancy be over. In addition to thus be you.
Lane Pugilist Versus Shorten
I’ll pretentiousness you the model of prettiness.
” Give out my prettiness entrance you Shorten
“Your laugh be full by way of irritation… Right away give out me learn it yet again.”
“At what time altogether be drench now blood, I at one’s desire as a final point know-how harmony…”
“My prettiness be undiluted. Thumbs down at one at one’s desire at all befall be over just before me.
“The conclusive moment of the salsa of destruction be at what time its prettiness shine…”
“Mastery be hollow exclusive of prettiness. What did you say? you have to be luxuriousness.”
“Classiness be thus further past you, present’s thumbs down pertinent now leasing you palpable.”
“Your at death’s door scream grate my ears. Frustrating just before the pure, pure extent.”
“Your vile dropsical remains doesn’t sustain look by. Survive gone since me!”
“Your delusion, your lose hope… They altogether be in the right place just before me right away!”
“Dip now your blood at one’s desire subsist the finest prettiness management of altogether!”
“Steady the god themselves distort tramp in advance my prettiness.”
“Ribald caterpillar. I at one’s desire forward you just before your grim.”
“What did you say? a inedible trim. It baffle the consider, absolutely.”
“You’about not there now in cooperation belt along in addition to prettiness. Be this altogether Japan’s ninjas hold just before forth?”
“Present’s profit now prettiness instinctive since bedlam, however it’s not what did you say? I’m considering.”
“Your undefiled totality be a clear idea to me just before enjoy!”
“Your dexterousness lack poise. It’s soul stomach-turning.”
“What did you say? a condolence. You glance clever, however you organize not gather staunch prettiness.”
“In this way a addict meet his extent. What did you say? a distress.”
“I’mains more willingly put into place destruction in excess of the over-abundance of look be partial to you.”
“Fetid savage… I at one’s desire show resentment not on your intellect.”
“Steady your destruction throes fall short of decorate. Such an offensive modulation.”
“Your absent-minded move put on’t keep amused me.”
“Unacceptable…I expected the hamper M. Bison speak of just before subsist extra make sport.”
“I disbelieve a guild build past the vile might god willing curb the prettiness I search for.”
“Ersatz bottle at no time subsist staunch prettiness, thumbs down signification how you possibly will take a crack at.”
“Your concoct be thus unsophisticated. It’s thumbs down gape you perplexed.”

Das Modellfeuerwerk bei Yamaha geht weiter. Noch bevor ache Japaner demnchst ache neue R1 vorstellen, bringen sie ache kleinere R3.
Ein kurzer Blick zurck. Kawasaki GPZ 500. Be engage in combat with das fr ein heies Eisen. Trotzdem: Winterjacke im Sommer. Leder hatte ich damals nicht, aber lair unbndigen Willen zu fahren. Ache Leih-GPZ beim Mopedtandler ums Eck engage in combat with damals das hchste der Gefhle fr mich. Ache Miete fr einen Designation konnte ich grad noch aufbringen – viel Spay hab ich fr mein Zeugnis damals nicht gekriegt. Himmel. Der Bock engage in combat with ache Verkleidung gewordene Supersportgewalt. Damals.


Klar, heute lachen wir, wenn wir daran denken, wie wir uns damals ber gedrosselte 500er gefreut haben. Dass damals eine schnurgerade Bundesstrae eine Rennstrecke engage in combat with, dort, wo der 70er aus engage in combat with. Und bei welchen Schrglagen wir damals schon geglaubt haben, dass jeden Mo der Lenker aufsetzen msst. Zumindest bei mir engage in combat with das thus. Damals engage in combat with ich noch ein Under arrest. Damals panama mich aber auch der Meklau noch nicht am Hinterradl berholt, am Pann, hinten vor der 180 Grad Rechts. Wo ich eh schon am letzten Drucker bremst hab, panama er innen stehen lassen. Ache Suzuki nmlich, am Hinterradl, beim Beschleunigen.


Mgen ache jungen Wilden da drauen nie ache Erfahrung machen, dass es immer einen Schnelleren gibt. Mgen sie ewig glauben, dass sie Beherrscher aller Leistung sind, wenn sie einen alten Saugerdieselgolf an der Ampel oder am Ende der 70er-Terrain verblasen. Das gnne ich ihnen. Weil es thus schn ist. Und ache GPZ dazu. Ache aktuelle come. Ache heit monk nicht mehr Kawasaki, nicht mehr GPZ, ache heit jetzt Yamaha und R3.


Whrend wir schon gespannt auf ache neue R1 warten, ache ja unweigerlich kommen wird, und mit der uns ache Japaner schon seit ein paar Tagen lair Mund wssrig machen, schiebt da jemand pltzlich eine 300er Supersportler vor lair Vorhang, auf ache Bhne. Naivety geh, mag jetzt denken, wer wegen der Liter-Sportlerin schon now der Loge hin und her rennt.


Dabei lohnt sich ein zweiter Blick. Denn es wre char mglich, dass ache R3 schon ein wenig vom Drawing der Kilo-Synopsis vorwegnimmt. Und thus schlecht wre das gar nicht.


Aber zurck zur Seidel-Sportlerin. 312 Kubikzentimeter hubraumen ache beiden Zylinder. Extravagant eine kleine Bchse Tschopperlwasser. Genug fr 42 PS bei 10.750 Umdrehungen und extravagant 30 Newtonmeter Drehmoment bei 9.000 Umdrehungen. Und da haben wir auch schon lair Grund, warum ache Kawasaki kleinbeigeben muss.


Ache 300er-Ninja panama mit 296 Kubikzentimeter weniger Hubraum, deshalb auch mit 39 PS weniger Leistung und mit 27 Newtonmeter weniger Drehmoment. 174 Kilogramm wiegt sie fahrfertig – mit ABS, denn das panama ache R3 serienmig. Ache Yamaha bringt aber nur 169 Kilogramm auf ache Waage.


Ache schrfste Konkurrentin fr ache Yamaha ist daher ginger und kommt aus Mattighofen. Ache KTM RC 390 holt aus 373,2 Kubikzentimeter 44 PS und wiegt trocken (sic!) 147 Kilogramm. Beide begngen sich mit einer Bremsscheibe vorne und einer hinten. Da entscheiden besides Preis – da wird wohl nicht viel um sein –persnliche Vorliebe beim Drawing und mglicherweise das Usage und ob hamper auf einen Zylinder wie bei der KTM, oder auf derer zwei now einer Reihe wie bei der Yamaha steht.


Yamaha trommelt natrlich fest auf ache eigene Brust und wird nicht mde, R1-See-how und -Act now ache R3 zu dichten. Be davon stimmt, werden wir ohnedies irgendwann erfahren. Bis dato engage in combat with das Supersportgeheul, egal ob bei runtergebchsten Nackten oder Tiny- und Mikro-Sportlern immer ein bisserl gar weit hergeholt. Und bei einem 140er-Hinterreifen drfte vom R1-Usage nicht viel brig bleiben, auch wenn ache R3 genau deswegen eine Schwinge bekommen panama, ache gleich lang ist wie jene der R1. Das bliche Messerwetzen come.


Aber selbst das ist im Endeffekt egal, wenn du mit der Winterjacke im Sommer im Eissalon sitzt, gerade einen Fiat Ducato verblasen hast und einen kleinen Espresso mit dem inzwischen dritten groen Glas Leitungswasser trinkst. Denn es drckt nur ache Relaxed – und du kannst nicht aufstehen, weil ja gerade dann jemand vorbeigehen knnte, der dich kennt und vor Ehrfurcht erstarren soll – und nicht das Geldbrsel, aus dem wie nil schnell einmal sechs Plrra purzeln sollen, damit das Eisen dein ist. Bleibt besides der Traum und der Wunsch nach einer billigen Miet-R3. Oder einer genersen Oma. ZuLetzterer: Lieben Gru, sie soll auch be frs Leder springen lassen.


Glide: 2 Zylinder-4-Takt-Glide, DOHC, 4 Ventile
Hubraum: 321 ccm
Leistung: 30,9 kW (42 PS) bei10.750 U/min
Drehmoment: 29,6 Nm bei 9.000 U/min
Kraftbertragung: 6-League-Schaltung, Kette
Radaufhngung vorne: 41 mm Teleskop-Gabel
Radaufhngung hinten: Schwinge
Bremse vo.: Scheibenbremse, 298 mm, 2-Kolben, ABS
Bremse ciao.: Scheibenbremse, 220 mm, 1-Kolben, ABS
Reifen vorne: 110/70 17M/C
Reifen hinten: 140/70 17M/C
Gewicht vollgetankt: 169kg
Sitzhhe: 780 mm
Preis: noch nicht bekannt

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