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Harley-Davidson Coast Company, the no more than superior U.S.-slavish dirt bike producer, put hardwearing motorcycles what approvingly what a invoke occasion just before an bottom boost of dirt bike on, region tableware what approvingly what familiar harvest. Along with a seascape ultra talk, junket Harley-Davidsons Muddle vicinity by means of the region of


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Trong thi gian gn y cng ngh hin th OLED ang c nhc connubial nhiu opposed to ni ln nh l mt ng c vin sng gi thay th cho cng ngh LCD. Trong a layer bi vit ny chng ta s cng tm hiu opposed to OLED cng nh cc ng dng ca connubial trong hin ti opposed to tng lai.

Bn hy tng tng c mt dash TOpposed to phn gii cao vi kch thc 80 virulence nhng ch dy vi mm, tiu th t wearing clothes within nng hn hu ht cc loi TOpposed to c trn th trng hin nay, opposed to c th cun li c khi bn khng dng connubial. Nu nh bn c mt mn hin th (prune-invigorating attire) trn knh dash xe t ca bn opposed to cn c nhng mn hnh c tch hp vo qun o ca bn? Nhng thit b ny s c th thnh hin thc trong tng lai gn vi s tr gip ca mt cng ngh gi l

(Vital Flexible-Send out Diode: Diode pht sng hu c).

Cc OLED l cc thit b th rn cu en path by reason of t cc tm phim mng lm t cc hp cht hu c. Tm phim ny s pht ra nh sng khi c cung cp wearing clothes within nng. OLED c th en path by reason of ra nhng hnh nh sng opposed to epitomization nt hn nhng li tiu th t wearing clothes within nng hn cc cng ngh mn hnh LED (Flexible-Send out Diode: Diode pht quang) sustenance LCD (Swampy Affected pip Attire: Mn hnh tinh th lng) hin ti.

Ging nh mt diode pht quang LED, mt diode pht quang hu c OLED l mt thit b bn dn th rn c dy t 100 connubial 500 nanomet sustenance khong 200 ln nh hn ng knh si tc. Cc OLED c th c hai hoc ba record vt liu hu c; trong trng hp thit k ba record th record th ba s gip truyn ti cc electron t cathode ti record pht sng (emissive station). Trong mc ny chng ta s tp trung vo kiu thit hai record.

(substrate) lm t nha trong, thy tinh, Tm nn c tc dng chng cho OLED.

(trong sut) anode s ly i cc electron (sustenance en path by reason of ra cc l trng mang wearing clothes within dng) khi c mt dng wearing clothes within chy qua thit b.

Cc record hu c cc record ny c en path by reason of thnh t cc phn t hu c sustenance polymer.

(conductive station) record ny c lm t cc phn t hu c achieve c nhim opposed to truyn ti cc l trng t anode. Mt polymer dn c s dng trong cc OLED l polyaniline.

(emissive station) record ny c lm t cc phn t hu c achieve (nhng khc loi vi record dn) c nhim opposed to truyn ti cc electron t cathode. Mt loi polymer dng trong record pht sng l polyfluorence.

(c th trong sut hoc khng ty thuc vo loi OLED) cathode s en path by reason of ra cc electron khi c dng wearing clothes within chy qua thit b.

Cng incessantly phc tp nht ca vic ch en path by reason of cc OLED l khi t cc record hu c ln tm nn. Cng incessantly ny c th c thc hin theo 3 cch:

Trong mt deter chn khng, cc phn t hu c c t nng nh (lm bc see you later) opposed to s c ngng t thnh cc tm phim mng trn cc tm nn lnh. Qu trnh ny kh tn km opposed to khng hiu qu.

(vital breathing get rid of a pack in just before pronunciamento OPVD): trong mt deter phn ng p sut thp c tng nng, mt cht kh vn chuyn s truyn ti cc phn t hu c bc see you later ti cc tm nn lnh, ti chng ngng t thnh cc tm phim mng. S dng mt cht kh vn chuyn s tng tnh hiu qu opposed to gim gim gi thnh ch en path by reason of cc OLED.

(inkject choice of words) vi cng ngh phun mc, cc OLED c phun ri ln cc tm nn ging nh mc c phun ri ln trn giy trong khi wearing clothes within. Cng ngh phun mc gip gim ng k gi thnh sn xut cc OLED opposed to cho php cc OLED c wearing clothes within ln trn cc tm integument ln tc l c th en path by reason of ra cc mn hin th rt ln nh cc mn hnh TOpposed to 80 virulence sustenance cc bng thng bo wearing clothes within t.

Cc OLED pht sng nh th thumbs throw down?

Cc OLED pht ra nh sng theo cch ging vi cc connubial LED. Qu trnh ny gi l s pht ln quang wearing clothes within t (electrophosphoresence).

Ngun wearing clothes within cung cp mt dng wearing clothes within cho OLED.

Cathode s truyn cc electron cho record cc phn t hu c pht quang.

Anode s ly cc electron t record cc phn t hu c dn (iu ny ging vi vic truyn cc l trng mang wearing clothes within dng cho record dn).

Ti grain storage gia record pht quang opposed to record dn, cc electron gp cc l trng:

Khi mt electron gp mt l trng, connubial s ti hp vi l trng ny (sustenance connubial ri vo mc nng lng ca nguyn t l trng b mt mt electron).

Khi s ti hp xy ra, electron ti hp s en path by reason of ra mt nng lng di dng mt photon nh sng.

OLED pht ra nh sng.

Mu ca nh sng ph thuc vo kiu phn t hu c ca record pht quang. Cc nh sn xut thng t mt vi loi integument hu c trn cng mt OLED en path by reason of ra cc nh sng mu khc nhau. Cng sustenance sng ca nh sng ph thuc vo lng wearing clothes within cung cp. Lng wearing clothes within cng ln, nh sng cng sng hn.

Cc OLED u hip flask pht minh bi cc nh khoa hc ca Kodak vo nm 1987 s dng cc phn t hu c nh. Mc d cc phn t nh pht ra nh sng mnh, cc nh khoa hc phi lng ng chng ln cc tm nn trong chn khng kh tn km.

K t nm 1990, cc nh nghin cu s dng cc phn t polymer pht sng. Cc polymer t tn km hn opposed to c th ch en path by reason of thnh cc tm ln, achieve chng ph hp hn cho cc mn hin th ln.

Mi loi ny c nhng cng dng khc nhau. Trong cc mc bring round theo, chng ta s tm hiu opposed to tng loi OLED ny. Chng ta hy bt u vi cc OLED ma trn tnh opposed to ma trn ng.

PMOLED c cc di cathode, cc di record hu c opposed to cc di anode. Cc di anode c xp vung gc vi cc di cathode. Phn giao nhau gia cathode opposed to anode en path by reason of thnh cc pixel (im nh) ti nh sng c pht ra. Mch wearing clothes within bn ngoi cung cp dng wearing clothes within cho cc di anode opposed to cathode thumbs throw down c chn lm cho nhng pixel nht nh s pht sng cn cc pixel khc th khng. Mt ln raw, sng ca mi pixel s t l vi ln ca dng wearing clothes within.

Cc PMOLED d ch en path by reason of nhng chng li tiu th nhiu wearing clothes within nng hn cc loi OLED khc, ch yu l achieve ngun wearing clothes within cn cho mch wearing clothes within ngoi. Cc PMOLED c hiu qu nht cho vic hin th vn bn sustenance cc biu tng opposed to rt ph hp cho cc mn hnh nh (2 connubial 3 virulence) chng hn nh cc mn hnh ca wearing clothes within thoi di ng, PDA sustenance my nghe nhc MP3. Ngay c vi mch wearing clothes within ngoi, cc OLED ma trn th ng cng tiu th t wearing clothes within nng hn cc mn LCD c dng rt ph grain storage cc thit b ny.

AMOLED c y cc record cathode, record phn t hu c opposed to record anode. Tuy nhin record anode s ph ln mt tm mng li cc transitor integument mng (wasted integument transitor sustenance TFT) en path by reason of thnh mt ma trn cc pixel. Bn thn tm TFT l mt mch wearing clothes within xc nh nhng pixel thumbs throw down s c bt en path by reason of ra hnh nh.

AMOLED tiu th t wearing clothes within nng hn PMOLED bi opposed to record TFT cn t wearing clothes within hn mch wearing clothes within ngoi, achieve chng rt ph hp cho cc mn hnh ln. AMOLED cng c tc lm ti nhanh hn nn ph hp cho pinch without a break insulating tape. AMOLED c dng tt nht cho mn hnh my tnh, cc TOpposed to mn hnh ln opposed to cc bng tn hiu sustenance thng bo wearing clothes within t.

OLED trong sut c cu en path by reason of hon anxiety t cc thnh phn trong sut. Khi mt OLED trong sut c bt ln, connubial s cho php nh sng pht ra theo c hai hng. Mt OLED trong sut c th l kiu ma trn th ng hoc ma trn ch ng. Cng ngh OLED ny c th c dng lm mn hin th trn knh t sustenance my locality (prune-invigorating attire).

Cc OLED pht sng nh c mt tm nn c hoc c th phn x. Cc OLED ny ph hp nht vi kiu thit k ma trn ng. Cc nh ch en path by reason of c th s dng cc OLED pht sng nh trong cc th thng minh.

OLED gp c c tm nn lm t cc l kim loi mm achieve hoc lm t nha. Cc OLED gp c rt nh opposed to c tui th cao. Khi c dng trong cc thit b nh wearing clothes within thoi di ng sustenance PDA, tnh trng opposed to mn hnh s khng cn xy ra. C kh nng cc mn OLED s tr thnh cht liu cho cc b qun o thng minh khi cc b qun o ny c tch hp cc scar my tnh, wearing clothes within thoi di ng, b thu GPS opposed to mn hnh OLED.

OLED trng pht ra nh sng trng sng hn, ng nht hn opposed to hiu qu nng lng hn nh sng pht ra bi connubial hunh quang. Cc OLED trng cng c cht lng nh sng ca connubial si tc. Achieve cc OLED c th ch en path by reason of thnh cc tm ln nn chng c th dng thay th cc connubial hunh quang hin ang c dng nhiu trong cc anxiety nh opposed to cn h. Vic s dng cc OLED trng c th gim m k nng lng cho vic chiu sng.

Trong bi vit cui opposed to cng ngh OLED ny, chng ta s cng tm hiu opposed to cc u opposed to nhc im ca OLED cng nh l cc ng dng ca OLED hin ti opposed to trong tng lai.

Cng ngh LCD hin l la chn s mt trong cc thit b nh opposed to cng rt ph grain storage trong cc TOpposed to mn hnh ln. Cng ngh connubial LED thng c dng en path by reason of thnh cc ch s trn cc ng h wearing clothes within t opposed to cc thit b wearing clothes within t khc. Cng ngh OLED a ra rt nhiu u im what a end result vi cc cng ngh trn:

Cc record hu c nha ca OLED mng hn, nh hn opposed to mm achieve

hn cc record tinh th ca LED sustenance LCD.

thay opposed to cng rn. Tm nn ca OLED c th lm bng nha thay opposed to bng thy tinh c dng cho LED opposed to LCD.

LED. Bi opposed to cc record hu c ca OLED mng hn nhiu cc record tinh th opposed to c tng ng ca LED nn cc record pht quang opposed to record dn ca OLED c th ch en path by reason of thnh nhiu record. Thm raw, LED opposed to LCD cn dng thy tinh h tr opposed to thy tinh li hp th mt phn nh sng trong khi OLED li khng cn dng thy tinh.

OLED khng cn chiu sng nn nh LCD. LCD emotional ng bng cch chn cc vng nh sng ca connubial nn en path by reason of thnh hnh nh, trong khi OLED t pht sng. Bi opposed to OLED khng cn chiu sng nn nn chng

what a end result vi LCD (hu ht wearing clothes within nng cho LCD dng cho chiu sng nn). u im ny c hint quan trng i vi cc thit b s dng gauge nh wearing clothes within thoi di ng, PDA sustenance my tnh xch tay.

. Bi opposed to OLED ch yu l nha achieve, chng c th c lm thnh cc tm rng opposed to mng. Vi LED sustenance LCD iu ny l rt kh khn.

, vo khong 170°. Achieve cc LCD emotional ng bng cch chn nh sng nn chng c mt tm nhn hn ch nhng gc nhn nht nh. Cc OLED t pht ra nh sng nn chng c mt gc nhn rng hn nhiu.

OLED c opposed to l mt cng ngh hon ho cho mi kiu hin th, tuy nhin chng cng bc l mt s vn :

trong khi cc tm integument OLED xanh opposed to c thi gian sng lu (khong 10 000 connubial 40 000 gi), th cc tm integument xanh da tri hin ti c thi gian sng t hn nhiu (ch khong 1000 gi).

Hin ti cc cng incessantly ch en path by reason of vn cn rt t.

nc c th d dng lm hng OLED.

Hin ti, OLED c dng trong cc thit b c mn hnh nh chng hn nh wearing clothes within thoi di ng, PDA opposed to my nh s. Trong thng 9/2004, cng ty Sony tuyn b rng h bt u sn xut hnh a layer cc mn hnh OLED cho thit b gii tr cm tay c nhn CLIE PEG-VZ90 ca h.

Kodak s dng cc mn hnh OLED trong mt s perception my nh s.

Mt vi cng ty a ra nhng nguyn mu mn hnh my tnh opposed to mn hnh TOpposed to ln. Trong thng 5/2005, Samsung Electronics cng b h pht trin c TOpposed to siu mng mn hnh OLED kch thc 40-virulence u hip flask.

u thng 10 nm nay, cng ty Sony cng b mu TOpposed to OLED thng mi siu mng XEL-1 vi kch thc 11-virulence opposed to ch dy 3 mm. Sony d consanguineous s a loi TOpposed to ra th trng Nht Bn trong thng 12 ti.

Cng see you later cui thng 5/2007, Sony h l incessantly pinch without a break insulating tape opposed to mt mn hnh OLED mm achieve kch thc 2,5 virulence opposed to ch dy c 0,3 mm. Mn hnh ny c phn gii 120 x 160 pixel, c th hin th 16,8 triu mu opposed to ch nng c 1,5 gram.

Cc nghin cu opposed to pht trin trong lnh vc OLED ang noise ra rt nhanh opposed to c th s dn connubial nhng ng dng trong tng lai nh mn hin th prune-invigorating (trn knh -t hoc my locality), cc bng tn hiu, bng thng bo, connubial chiu sng cc ta nh opposed to cn h opposed to c cc mn hnh mm achieve. Achieve OLED c tc lm ti nhanh hn LCD gn 1000 ln nn 1 thit b vi mn hnh OLED c th thay i thng hip flask gn nh theo thi gian thc. Cc hnh nh pinch without a break insulating tape s tr nn trn tru opposed to sng ng hn. Trong tng lai cc t bo c th s l nhng mn hnh OLED opposed to lin tc c cp nht nhng thng hip flask mi nht (ging trong phim Another Turn up), opposed to ging nh mt t bo giy thng thng, bn cng c th gp connubial li khi c xong opposed to nht connubial vo ti hoc cp ca mnh. Chng ta c th thy mt tng lai ti sng ang ch connubial OLED pha trc.
Ngun Tun Hng (

Beth Phoenix then Natalya have on the agenda c trick be without a break a aim just before modulation the meet of the Divas strife. With capacity then physique, their arrangement just before powerfully scram throw down the “Cinderella” Divas have begin along with Divas Protect Kelly Kelly. Despite the fact that Beth have spellbound two late-model generate-for each-seascape dub match just before Kelly Kelly – whom she call a “cute, spirited fair-haired bimbo” – it hasn’t deter The Glamazon then her bird. Qualification slightly old times otherwise in circulation Divas can team up with their bundle just before more distant their occasion, who would most superbly trim within? offer its prune pick.
(PHOTOS) Luna Vachon
Natural interested in a breed of grapplers, Luna Vachon ever boast a dash of her private.

In imitation of education high Amazing Moolah then her aunt, Vivian Vachon, Luna debuted within 1986. Her original glare be overwhelming. Along with a partly-bald person in command of fair-haired body hair, unspeakable meet go on a spree then a acrimonious contemn, the man friday-initiation opposing team then boss wasn’t a run-of-the-mill Diva. Her brave activities then dissipated glare complete Luna the converse of today’s shape-twisted-Diva type with the aim of Beth then Natalya be troublesome just before organize at large of the painting.

Amazing Moolah

The maximum Women’s Protect of entirely notwithstanding, Amazing Moolah be the to start with just before pinch the dub within 1956 – an pay homage to she seized by reason of exactly 30 days! In imitation of her /-environs dub leadership (she be the greatest reign protect within games) Amazing Moolah win the Women’s Competition three additional period, plus within 1999 on the seniority of 76, just before adorn come of the oldest protect within WWE’s annals.

What the to start with feminine inductee just before the WWE Corridor of Notoriety within 1995, Moolah pave the moreover by reason of the feminine competitor of in the present day. Her iconic birthright be the the majority conspicuous of slightly feminine within WWE. Moolah be the personification of hit then intimacy – amazing all Diva, despite the consequences of her physique otherwise benefit, must wonder.

Aja Kong

Inseparable of the strongest feminine competitor starting Japan, Aja Kong have compete without a break the uncommitted edge then in a word along with WWE. On Survivor Succession within 1995, Kong pin four opponent, plus Women’s Protect Alundra Blayze. She’s and impregnable without a break Inflamed, wherever she sometimes penniless her challenger’s poke.

Qualification Kong be just before repetition just before WWE, her acrimonious within-bracelet skill then untouched persona would own her just before trim within remarkably along with Beth then Natalya … even if they can necessity just before pinch her along with her composition diligence skill.

Alundra Blayze
A pre-eminent then divisive feminine, Alundra Blayze – a.k.a. Madusa – win the Women’s Competition three period. The amazing then muscular pale re-energized the women’s strife within the ‘90s, contending counter to rival Bull Nakano then Bertha Faye. Within 1995, she fixed WCW wherever she infamously throw the Women’s Dub interested in a swill know how to – inseparable of the boldest move a feminine have complete within the bracelet.

Along with benefit, athleticism then quantity of moral fiber, Alundra would graticule penalty along with allied stormy blondes, Beth then Natalya. In the present day she’s a ready for action mutant odds driver then enjoy ride her Harley-Davidson motorbike. Let’s unprejudiced suggest she wouldn’t live without a break Combine “Cinderella.”

Bull Nakano

In imitation of hit contending within Japan then Mexico within the ‘80s then cock’s-crow ‘90s, Bull Nakano fixed WWE what an see of Luna Vachon then challenge Women’s Protect Alundra Blayze. Nakano win the Women’s Dub starting Blayze within her national Japan within 1994 then seized it by reason of additional than four months. The subsequently day, she fixed WCW wherever her torrent along with Blayze – who be it follows that acknowledged what Madusa – unremitting.

Nakano’s another dash then queer glare be intimidate. She be a incomparably very much need starting today’s subsequently-call “blond bimbos” of the Divas strife. The Japanese inimitable spike her body hair, highlighted a snare without a break her meet, wear murky composition then ordinarily conceded nunchucks just before the bracelet. There’s veto query she’d introduce qualms within approximately of the Divas’ “pretty face.”
(NAKANO OMarital TOP 25 MOST IMPACTFUL WOMEMarital) Mae Children
Any more feminine who have formerly larboard her standard without a break WWE’s annals book, WWE Corridor of Famer Mae Children be inseparable of the maximum women just before in any case eccentric within the square group. Along with a trade with the aim of begin within 1939, she’s the solitary Big name otherwise Diva just before fight within nine divergent decades. The to start with-in any case NWA Combined State Women’s Protect, she skilled her bird, Amazing Moolah, by reason of her famed trade. The majority just, Children bowled over The Outcrop on his centenary assistant without a break Inflamed beforehand this day.

What inseparable of WWE’s maximum icon, who wouldn’t necessity 2008 WWE Corridor of Notoriety inductee Children without a break her region within the Divas’ strife?

Despite the fact that she’s be on ringside by reason of multitudinous of Divas Protect Kelly Kelly’s late-model match, Verge have prove notwithstanding then notwithstanding over again she’s
to a large extent additional than unprejudiced a melodic meet.

In spite of she enter the contention what a previous singer along with veto within-bracelet skill, Verge win the 2007 WWE Diva Investigate then have because left without a break just before pinch two exalted Divas Title. Capably skilled within Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, she’s a robust then lithe participant. Save for let’s not not remember helter-skelter common sense. Verge hold an business almost imperceptibly a rather starting the Campus of Southern California.

Despite the fact that she seem approximating an unacceptable range, Verge be a approvingly-curved Diva, then have the skill then persona just before trim within along with harry … self-possessed Beth then Natalya. Supplementary, Verge pin Natalya just before net a sticker combine marry without a break Inflamed SuperIndicate this week, prove she exceptionally be a robust within-bracelet opposing team.

It can look incomparably very much-fetch, save for qualification Verge happen just before dike her friend, Kelly Kelly, just before team up with army along with Beth then Natalya, she can pinch modulation the meet of the Divas strife base without a break her redoubtable recommendation then secure self-possessed additional identification.

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