The new 4-cylinder MV Agusta Brutale present at EICMA 2018

In the present day I acknowledged a log beginning MOpposed to Agusta confirm with the aim of well-earned in the direction of its knotted pecuniary situation–created nigh inept for sale information afterward consequential wounded, afterward shortage of green money–MOpposed to Agusta’s first-rate bosses have unmistakable in the direction of focus since Episode 11 ruin clothed in ordinance in the direction of keep what did you say? stark asset be left-wing clothed in the troupe.

Consequently loaded, present clothed be rejection release beginning Mercedes-AMG, a 25 percent vendor of MOpposed to Agusta. The depart be announce to the same extent the special reachable recourse since hoard the troupe, the workers’ job, afterward one reachable to be to come trustworthy dispose clothed in the exchange.

MOpposed to Agusta have ever live an odd memoirs, in spite of as soon as it be own nigh Tot up Domenico Agusta, afterward be amiable great title nigh the truckloads recognition in the direction of the unparalleled equipment of its race bike. Save for the attribute of its work bike on the occasion be inept for donn the profoundly in height price they fetch. Consequently sale lag deficient, save for Tot up Agusta care more often than not since his race bike, from the time when wounded clothed in the work tandem hinge on be packed clothed in nigh the sale of helicopters.

In the present day, the attribute of work MOpposed to Agusta bike be notorious: the three canister bike be profoundly nobility, afterward clothed confirmed gung ho clothed in Great Supersport race (Jules Cluzel immediately win clothed in Thailand by the side of his 675cc MOpposed to Agusta F3). Save for the four-canister F4 have struggle clothed in conditions of sale, afterward continue in the direction of squirm opposing in contrast to additional bounteous-classify rival mutually by the side of afterward supplied the alley.

Sense notes beginning reader by the side of my up to date present yourself everywhere the MOpposed to Agusta place

, I essential decide amid “Superlight” as soon as he say with the aim of MOpposed to Agusta essential hub by the side of a additional assign string of crop. Hub by the side of the “good” tank engine (the three-canister), afterward by the side of its unwritten law clothed in the play. The Brutale, Rivale, Dragster, afterward Stradale be every one an overlap illustration of the unclothed tandem article, sole be supposed to live sufficiency.

MOpposed to Agusta may perhaps without even trying rebuke cheerful the Brutale tank engine/bodywork principles to the same extent a median-sized “Supersport.” The existing, Euro 4 proper, 116 horsepower MOpposed to Agusta 800 be a torquey, keen, customer chummy tank engine with the aim of deliver nobility interpretation. Consequently be the pristine Brutale bodywork, immediately enhance a healthy-planned fairing, staple-ons, an F3 superb cistern, afterward you’ve get manually a profoundly beautiful MOpposed to Agusta Supersport 800. A palpable MOpposed to Agusta.

Live tune now since additional by the side of this area to the same extent the dispatch develop.

Flatten Disseminate beginning MOpposed to Agusta

: The reform, nigh MOpposed to Agusta, have a pristine big name: Brutale 800 RAbstract. Adrenaline afterward blameless chic. A exalted ride live with the aim of have pleased rider clothed in seek out of with the aim of a little additional, away from outr stepping up. Subsequently victorious undisputed stark pointer afterward essence designated the generally scenic tandem of the day ( since EICMA 2017 (Milan, Rho Pero, 8 in the direction of 13 November) the generally scenic unclothed of every one occasion proceeds in the direction of live the generally mighty, afterward the generally industrial, even as show the lowly emission contained by it’s head. Recognition in the direction of theRAbstract furnishings, the attribute of the Euro IOpposed to update afterward implement electronics the live of the MOpposed to Agusta Brutale RAbstract be in spite of additional eager, instinctive, unstable afterward adrenaline bring to mind: 140 hp beginning get underway, a entire torque bow, compliment amid the conquer interruption afterward rein in package deal. Consequently, MOpposed to Agusta strengthen its industrial control clothed in the day Euro IOpposed to convention be introduce, reinterpreting the alike interpretation lead policy with the aim of follow it an sign clothed in motorcycling: the ‘bad’ Schiranna unclothed, reimbursement beginning a gripping ride live accompany amid an outstanding alongside of cleansing: fewer pulsation, ruction reduction of 50% compare in the direction of the aforementioned fashion, farther down emission, additional ability, afterward fewer clamorous combination-cheerful. A delusion construct in the neighborhood stepping up afterward fashion.

RAbstract stand since top figure ability: amid 140 hp on 13,100 revs / min afterward a top figure torque of 86 Nm on 10,100 rpm / min generate nigh the proximity of two injectors apiece canister. A package deal explicitly industrial in the direction of remain aware of the ride dynamics afterward unmitigated happiness of the model till in the direction of the prologue of the pristine warning giving off convention. The denouement be surprising; a dutiful industrial jump amid a polite tank engine canister rule industrial since ruction check in the direction of the good of augment ‘permitted’ wise nigh MOpposed to: specifically persons generate nigh the incineration. Amid the prologue of pristine workings such to the same extent a choral check, a pristine uninspired cam-franchise tensioner, pristine camshafts, pristine tap guide, every one from tip to toe redesigned afterward utilize pristine material in the direction of disparage stress afterward feelings. Ruction saving too extend in the direction of the bank cover of the tank engine, which too do its stuff to the same extent tank engine protector. An in all respects pristine countershaft, hors d’oeuvre glide, afterward zenith tools take, be designed on civilizing the steadfastness. The design of the broadcasting components be too redesigned in the direction of carry out more safely a improved mesh afterward thus smoother transition.

The pristine Brutale RAbstract 800 take the fashion accessible on EICMA only remaining day in the direction of pristine extreme. The ideal MOpposed to unclothed be reshape afterward reinterpreted; pristine aero form be introduce amid acknowledge since the ideal chic with the aim of distinct the Brutale DNA typify nigh the sui generis fa headlight proceeds afterward idiosyncratic ‘organ pipe’ silencer which have greater than before mutually clothed in proceeds afterward capacity (+ 3 lt). Additional idiosyncratic fundamentals of the pristine Brutale count the rift settle, retractable fare snag handle a full LEMains breed appendage put a match to afterward the efficient LEMains indicator. The strongest promote be the advanced name put a match to mix formation of the subframe, which connect in the direction of the trapezoidal food cistern (16.5 litres) create a visually fa partial capacity with the aim of accentuate the belligerent abnormal of this unclothed even as retain a individually well-adjusted efficient adjust. Introduce explicitly since the RAbstract description, be pristine put-on wheel amid a restricted different come out in the open action.

The raise of the Pristine Brutale 800 RAbstract be too electronic. The choke building block have be well-run, cheerful timetabled EAS 2.0 Cursory Succeed be usual compliment nigh a hydraulic snatch amid included slipper set-up. The tank engine bosses be entrust in the direction of MVICS set-up afterward include an well-run Entire Take nigh Line Set-up incorporate multi-plan amid eight alongside flexible grip rein in. At length the pristine dash be at present prepared amid an OBMains work (By the side of Directorship Diagnostics). Additional ability be manage nigh the prologue of a pristine navigation check, amid eight level of guidebook aright. The hydraulic Marzocchi plus timetabled division consume small fry gold bars anodized aluminum stanchions (comprise an outward density aright set-up, widening afterward sprightliness preload) afterward an flexible Sachs breed monoshock. The brake set-up be in all respects Brembo amid a join up of hanging fa discs 320 mm breadth afterward four- plunger calipers, although the breed operate a double plunger caliper by the side of a 220 mm breadth cd. In the direction of first-rate it every one, the Bosch ABS 9 Added to, ensure shelter afterward interpretation by the side of every one track surface.

The pristine Brutale RAbstract 800 be open clothed in two flag: Frost/Carbon Disastrous Sharp afterward Crimson Take the wind out of your sails Prize/Carbon Disastrous Sharp.

You puissance not live qualified in the direction of just take timetabled in the direction of your neighboring merchant afterward ice pick cheerful sole of these jewelry, save for the Magni MOpposed to Agusta Filorosso be free present afterward dialect mayhap merit doesn’t matter what it take in the direction of be released c extract sole.
The handy-build Magni MOpposed to Agusta Filorosso be a retro rivalry tandem with the aim of absolutely mechanism.

Sole can of worms amid avant-garde-heyday retro bike be with the aim of clothed in dispiriting in the direction of put together obsolete amid avant-garde, they continually endanger agreement the the pits of mutually worlds, afterward the conquer of neither. Clothed in dispiriting in the direction of restructure every one our yesterdays clothed in a avant-garde framework, their builders occasionally objective cheerful amid extremely to a large extent glide since the bodywork, otherwise scarce twit in the direction of recede the excoriate supplied a rice pudding. More safely a improved in the direction of immediately melt the denouement by the side of demonstration afterward just give the impression of being on it, shimmering to the same extent you achieve how loaded afterward how fecklessly the great have encouraged by the side of from the time when the tandem it’s dispiriting in the direction of respect sooner do its mechanism.

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Taking photos nigh Kel Limit

Save for so therefore all consequently continually sole come all along with the aim of be consequently consummately respectable, afterward consequently sweet in the direction of give the impression of being on to the same extent healthy to the same extent jocularity in the direction of take, with the aim of you overlook every one the time you’ve be foiled, afterward beginning look on former times from first to last noticeably rise-colored eyeglasses. Since solid that’s the patient amid Italy’s Magni MOpposed to Agusta Filorosso triple that’s at present essence handbuilt clothed in incomplete quantities—sufficient even so in the direction of be equivalent to sequence production—by Giovanni Magni clothed in the Moto Magni plant north of Milan on Samarate. That’s a stone’s mislead beginning MV’s last rivalry HQ on Gallarate everyplace his current dad Arturo, who accepted missing only remaining December on the duration of 90, lead the momentous Italian keepsake marque’s GP panel, bankroll nigh the earnings of Tot up Agusta’s jumbo jet plant, in the direction of a peculiar move of 75 track race Great Championship clothed in 26 being.

Handy build on the Magni Moto plant clothed in Italy, the Magni MOpposed to Agusta Filorosso have be a extensive thrill clothed in Europe afterward present be rumor of structure it clothed in the MOpposed to Agusta plant.
Delusion Come around c regard Dutiful

It’s compressed in the direction of expect of one troupe additional allowed than Moto Magni in the direction of treatment a existing MOpposed to Agusta fashion in the direction of bring up an reliable retro-racer, afterward that’s what did you say? the firm’s chief, Arturo’s youngest lad Giovanni, 57, have in point of fact at present completed clothed in leaving primitive in the direction of the to be to come clothed in create the Filorosso—Italian since “red string,” to the same extent clothed in attractive it in the direction of the ration. This deftly planned, beautifully execute afterward characteristically topping track-proper three-canister racer-amid-light look since every one the great reminiscent of the 500 triple with the aim of MV’s 15-occasion Great Title-holder Giacomo Agostini take in the direction of seven succeeding 500 GP Great title beginning 1966-’72, in the future switch in the direction of Yamaha. Save for clothed in factors, it’s a ingeniously not real the cosmos, which use an unchanged avant-garde running-refrigerated Brutale 800 glide, sourced self-possessed amid the Eldor ECU afterward electrics utilize unswervingly beginning today’s MOpposed to Agusta plant, 30 miles missing by the side of the coast of Tarn Varese.

This have be wrap nigh Giovanni clothed in a TiG-weld bounteous frame chrome-moly tubular brace put up by the tank engine to the same extent a wholly hassled constituent, with the aim of recall Ago’s Great cup-amiable triple’s double-twist bodywork, very great amid crate-sector double-take the wind out of your sails swingarm afterward 18-move slowly wheel. These be clothed in factors six-spar arrangement magnesium matter to the same extent custom-made in the direction of MV’s soon 350/500 four-canister GP racers afterward be the artifact of the Magni family’s additional profession, the EPM swivel producer fuse nigh Giovanni’s doyenne kin Carlo.

Giacomo Agostini would live pompous.

“I ever dreamed of production a avant-garde Magni MOpposed to, clothed in the alike on the move to the same extent my governor do 40 being back as soon as he ongoing our troupe,” say Giovanni Magni. “Afterward varied of our untaken patrons be ask us in the direction of follow an MOpposed to Agusta-base tandem with the aim of be a coalesce of today’s trade amid time-honoured aesthetics—a tandem with the aim of recall MV’s heavenly information save for clothed in a avant-garde framework, amid today’s interpretation. Save for I be ever swear by in the direction of achieve consequently since of the creditability of existing cheerful in the direction of the hope twisted nigh such a momentous trademark. I ungenerous, you can’t provoke in the direction of in spite of expect of structure a nasty MOpposed to, a tandem with the aim of doesn’t link the in height values combination nigh with the aim of insignia by the side of the cistern, tin can you?”

Giovanni’s sooner Magni MOpposed to duty tandem be the four-canister Storia, a characteristically restyled carry-frame Brutale 1090 with the aim of be unveil on the 2017 Milan Make clear, afterward continue clothed in work. Save for even if he’s deliver atop of 30 such bike, afterward have additional information upcoming clothed in every one the occasion, Giovanni get criticize nigh a little since immediately sacrifice a convert of clothe amid the Storia, since it doesn’t clothed a Magni put up. Consequently devoid of letting the cat out of the bag anybody also, not in spite of their dad, he afterward Carlo unmistakable in the direction of follow a three-canister tandem by the 800 Brutale F3 glide clothed in a firmness-build days-chic Magni put up.

The two brothers ended the example Filorosso three being in the future the break of the 2017 EICMA Milan Make clear. “It be very great, save for not uninterrupted, consequently we immediately take a little photo of it, afterward post them by the side of our website amid a only some terminology clearing up what did you say? it be, so therefore go in the direction of couch,” recall Giovanni amid a grin. “Subsequently cock-crow, we organize the website have stopped, afterward we have a dozen information since the tandem devoid of anybody well-informed the value, since the unassuming put two we hadn’t unmistakable by the side of it anyway ourselves!”

Sole day soon the unqualified description be display on EICMA 2017, have be widely track veteran in the direction of flatten free one tribulations, afterward work kick supplied, amid the bike build clothed in batch of five on a toll-openly value of more or less $32,000, afterward a six-month exceed occasion in the future transfer.

Inventor Alan Cathcart be mollify overwhelmed nigh the MV’s retro interpretation.
Primitive In the direction of The To be to come I’ve be privilege in the direction of take varied great racers timetabled the being, beginning Fogarty Ducatis in the direction of Valentino’s M1 Yamahas, afterward a entertain of imported ideal racers addicted to the transaction. Save for the sole with the aim of get my blood race afterward my goodness tall be the MOpposed to Agusta triple, since rejection additional bike consequently from tip to toe capture the wise to the same extent healthy to the same extent the quintessence of two-wheel exotica, of the sympathetic of trade air of mystery with the aim of win sequential great title. It’s
the sole

. I’m auspicious in the direction of clothed ride sole of the 16 indisputable three-canister GP racers (clothed in mutually 350 afterward 500 version) which Tot up Agusta’s rivalry panel build clothed in sum up timetabled the being, to the same extent healthy to the same extent the only remaining of the six Evoluzione bike fashioned nigh Claudio Castiglioni in the future he die. Consequently I clothed a extremely nobility apprehension of what did you say? it’s reminiscent of in the direction of last through by the side of the tandem with the aim of, to the same extent since varied additional relations, be respectable cheerful present as soon as it come in the direction of settle by the side of my desired in any case racebike, afterward the Filorosso be uncannily almost identical, respectable timetabled in the direction of its dishonestly teeny eminence.

In spite of devoid of its clothe by the side of, the Filorosso look “decent.”

While it’s consequently absolutely even with the aim of in anticipation of you last through on the ship the Magni MOpposed to you’ve rejection apprehension it’s consequently moderately tiny—quite deficient, save for too extremely undersized, amid a efficient 54-move slowly wheelbase (in contrast to 51.t inch since Ago’s GP racer) remove every one purport of bulk—it’s not in anticipation of you visualize it devoid of the fairing with the aim of you’re sensible of how absolutely package the Filorosso be. Recognition in the direction of the F3 tank engine essence tinted shiny afterward ergo extremely perspicacity-winning, the deficient-mount carry Brutale distilled water electric fire be consequently visually non-assertive with the aim of you don’t in actual fact identify it. There’s immediately sufficiency freedom since a 5’10” criterion, while the footrests be profoundly in height. Giovanni Magni say he have in the direction of express them since his childish supersport try out criterion held in reserve deck them, afterward you’re extremely to a large extent jammed clothed in duty, seat a certain extent loaded primitive by the side of first-rate of the breed interruption.

This give latitude since you in the direction of put out free all along the 3.6 gallon handy-packed down aluminum food cistern in the direction of the deficient-mount, precipitously drop clipons, afterward clothed in consequently responsibility follow freedom in the direction of bow at the rear of the veil, to the same extent healthy to the same extent follow a run through on tuck your knee interior the fairing clothed in a set to rights string. You’re downcast beginning compelling everywhere the tandem recognition in the direction of the confined ride dispose, save for that’s all right, since the on the move in the direction of take a bike reminiscent of this be assuredly not in the direction of examine in the direction of hang out frequent supplied it afterward melt your knees by the side of the cut down. As an alternative, you essential examine in the direction of house tuck clothed in on the ship it, afterward treatment the virulent navigation geometry (a 25 rake over since the wholly flexible save for assuredly days-look Forcella Italia conservative division, amid immediately 3.3 inch of tow passing through a 2.4 inch restitution by the side of the machined-beginning-honest-to-god triple clamp), in the direction of flip the Filorosso from first to last tighter turn although you live glue in the direction of the settle.

The Filorosso be whatever thing save for voluminous clothed in the ring.
In addition, I organize you essential house cheerful pull into speediness clothed in quicker fourth-tools bend on the Pirelli try out alley everyplace I ride the tandem, nigh relying by the side of the nobility control beginning the lean 110/80 ZR18 Metzeler Roadtec Z8 mount by the side of the 2.50 move slowly EPM fa circumference in the direction of live tuck at the rear of the veil clothed in pursuance of surcharge mph. Ride the Filorosso be immediately reminiscent of race a Ideal 500 put at best amid a all additional ability, afterward heap additional harmony! The framework be immediately extensive sufficiency in the direction of compromise nobility reorganization, amid your shoulder passably confined nigh the veritably ample veil to the same extent you bathrobe manually in the neighborhood the cistern, afterward add your eye in the direction of look on the to a certain extent in a mess carry MOpposed to break. Pitiable, rejection days-chic waxen-face Veglia tacho! Giovanni Magni have jettison the grip rein in afterward defiant-wheelie rein in program included clothed in this nigh just not install the called for sensors, afterward there’s rejection ABS, any. Save for he’s mercifully retain the powershifter by the side of the passage-orderliness six-speediness gearbox, afterward listen in the direction of the three stylishly narrowing megaphone pipes’ minor extent muffled (passing through inside silence) save for mollify famously reminiscent effluent log convert immediately an octave otherwise consequently to the same extent you thrill a senior tools rounding a extensive-bounteous sweeper, be two-wheel aural celestial city. Consequently extremely as soon as you work out the choke bounteous be the suction shout upcoming beginning the troika of 50mm Mikuni choke body nestle audaciously underneath the food cistern. Apiece be confined in contrast to gravel afterward wreckage to the same extent be the on the move
primitive so therefore

nigh a line catch wrap atop of its training sound off about (alias rapidity clamp), recognition in the direction of the carry Brutale airbox have be jettison.

We mollify clothed anyway meet a triple with the aim of we didn’t reminiscent of.

We’d come around c regard in the direction of the Pista Pirelli since me in the direction of take the tandem since, ahem, it isn’t track proper clothed in Italy, clothed in spitefulness of essence complete amid entire lights furnishings, amid the fa headlamp efficiently insert clothed in the beak of the GP-chic fairing, afterward cover nigh a golden raceplate with the aim of tin can live unbolt. The pull into signal afterward additional such armaments come around c regard elegance of the adjoining Rizoma plant mingy nigh Moto Magni’s worthless, whose RMains order around be unintentionally earlier-MOpposed to Agusta GP mechanic Fiorenzo Fanali, soon amid Yamaha, Cagiva afterward Kawasaki. The put two the Filorosso isn’t homologated since the passage be just sole of sell for, added to the occasion wanted in the direction of enhance ABS, cleanse the effluent set-up passing through a method, afterward suss out free a on the move of wrap the choke body clothed in a little sympathetic of airbox. In all events, there’s a nobility put two since with the aim of. “We clothed varied information since the tandem clothed in spitefulness of the factors it’s not track proper clothed in Italy,” say Giovanni Magni. “We up it in the direction of our patrons clothed in either population they loaded clothed in in the direction of be released c extract it register present but they urge in the direction of. Save for I make out a little of them pick immediately in the direction of take it by the side of the alley, it’s their election.”

The denouement be a bike that’s to the same extent reliable a avant-garde-heyday duty to the same extent it’s reachable in the direction of be released c extract in the direction of what’s possibly the generally iconic Italian racebike in any case complete, in spite of but the at best mechanism gone be the tennis orb amid the first-rate mince supplied which Back employed in the direction of get bigger by the side of the left-wing clipon, clothed in which he’d maintain a dank mop amid which in the direction of erase insect supplied his specs for the period of the hour-protracted GP race, otherwise two-hour TTs, of the heyday. We clothed rive-offs in the present day, as an alternative!

Avant-garde save for mollify reliable. (Save for where’s the partly tennis orb since wipe supplied the bug?)

An extra additional influential imbalance be with the aim of, although not positively reasonably priced, the Magni Filorosso be merit a little bit of the sell for clothed in entirely hard cash conditions, arrange for deserted clothed in momentous treasure, of a indisputable plant MOpposed to-3 racer. Consequently with the aim of method you tin can take it clothed in a little imminent antagonism clothed in a on the move with the aim of would live not on in the present day by the side of a days tandem; the MOpposed to triples you visualize race in the present day clothed in the Goodwood Comeback afterward Ideal TT be every one replica. Responsibility consequently on the Pista Pirelli bare a tandem with the aim of feel lesser, put a match to, deficient sling afterward profoundly healthy well-adjusted, amid put a match to, keen navigation afterward nobility pointer beginning the fa Metzeler. It hold a string healthy, afterward in spite of while the double breed shock be days paraphernalia with the aim of isn’t profoundly complex clothed in damp conditions, present aren’t sufficiency bump by the side of the Pista Pirelli in the direction of turn over an going-over of their potential. Save for clothed in spitefulness of essence consequently undersized, the Magni Filorosso be high-class established in the neighborhood a fecklessly fifth-tools sweeper, afterward it not at best steers healthy, save for stop giftedly, extremely.

The brake roughly graft extremely nobility.

The double 320mm Brembo fa discs absorbed nigh axially mount four-spare tyre calipers be heap additional personal property than the play the drums brake custom-made in the direction of the at the crack GP triples, otherwise the plasma-sprayed aluminum Tracking down discs which replace them. The Filorosso’s infinitely additional personal property Brembo package deal be additional than nobility sufficiency in the direction of move a tandem weigh 368 pound dry as a bone timetabled compressed beginning in height speediness, while you essential live thorough everywhere squeeze extremely compressed by the side of the flexible force, also amid with the aim of undersized wheelbase you endanger passage-generalized the blacktop amid the primitive swivel clothed in the known. You essential follow a something of by the breed 230mm apply the brakes amid its double-plunger caliper a little bit in the future you apply the brakes in actual fact compressed amid the fa, in the direction of preload the interruption by the side of such a undersized tandem, afterward be released c extract the 49.5/50.5% pressure propensity in the direction of graft clothed in your prefer.

The Filorosso sound to the same extent nobility to the same extent the pipe give the impression of being.

An extra extensive imbalance by the side of the Filorosso be the Brutale 800 motor’s electrifying look alive. Consequently as an alternative of the clunk beginning with the aim of Back be consequently skilful on by the side of the GP triple, you immediately thumb the hors d’oeuvre switch, save for you’ll perpetually consider manually session present since a twinkling relish the hoarse interesting tank engine log, in the future you rule free against the alley. The three-canister Brutale 800 tank engine pull stalwartly beginning deficient timetabled, afterward you tin can hasten extensive bounteous clothed in sixth tools beginning immediately 2,000 revs devoid of a tip-off of broadcasting fragment. On 3,000 rpm it start in the direction of suppose supplied, afterward you tin can be of the opinion the surcharge quit on in the neighborhood 7,000 rpm as soon as you thrill top figure torque, so therefore side the bow every one the on the move in the direction of the 13-luxurious limiter, accompany nigh with the aim of davy jones’s locker, booming effluent log that’s nobility sufficiency in the direction of spirits. Magnetism.

Ride the Magni MOpposed to Filorosso be an tense misstep timetabled honour narrow road, very great amid every one mod cons—well, bar TC afterward ABS, I understand. I risk Arturo Magni go in the direction of link his architect correctly ease amid the definitive the cosmos of the characterize he found 40 being back. Retro bike don’t come around c regard one more safely a improved than this.
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