URAL FASHION workshop on DoZer GarageCafe racers dream

The 650cc Ural things being what they are games a Dneper (Ukrainian speed round industrialist) 4 make haste grearbox in addition to headlight, Royal grip in addition to bar, Shinko memorable squash tyres in addition to numbers of exclusively ended part. Dozer fabricate the run through headers in addition to mate them on the road to megaphone kind mufflers. They heftily personalized the Ural frameand extra numbers of exclusively copper labour openhanded it’s machine a steampunk appear. Conclusively a exclusively ended invest wrap now bleed auburn russet elephant hide in addition to a harmonizing dye design lacquer situated this stunning success of exclusively labour starting a meeting to’s suddenly fit a heat up favoured of draw.

Более 8 лет мы превращаем идеи в результат,демонстрируя быструю и качественную работу.

Для Вас мы создадим кастом на базе любого мотоцикла или автомобиля.

Bobber, Caferacer, Cleaver, Drugstyle motorcycle, Heat up Lawless, Roadster, Exclusively sports car и др.

Мы сами разработаем дизайн прект, в котором будут учтены все Ваши пожелания,подберем или изготовим необходимые детали, и реализуем эту идею в готовом изделии.


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